Monday, March 24, 2014

How We Told Our Family and the Due Date!

So when I last left off in the story of how we found out we were having a baby, my husband had just declared that he worked.... He's real eloquent in times of important moments. What can I say? ;)


That weekend, my cousin was having her baby shower and my mom and sister were making a blanket for the car seat. Apparently, it has velcro so the blanket doesn't slide. I don't know. What I do know is that I am clueless in the realm of baby-dom. Put me in a court room or ask me about pop culture or the American government and I'm your girl. But babies? I'm a fish out of water that is flopping hard because I'm so lost.


(Apparently, tonight I'm easily sidetracked.)

(You've been warned.)

So after we took the test, I walked out front kind of out of it. When I POAS (that's peed on a stick for those of you not hip with the fertility lingo) it turned as soon as it possibly could. I couldn't believe it. I mean I had a hunch, but seriously, I guess part of me really doubted the whole birds and bees thing really happening.

But it did. And I was pregnant.

I walked out front and like I said, my mom and sister were making a blanket for the car seat. I'd told my mom and sisters that we weren't preventing anymore so when my mom said, "I hope you have a girl because girls have more options." It had become pretty common conversation. They've made no bones about being Team Pink. Meanwhile, Brandon and my brother are hardcore into Team Blue.

But what my mom didn't know is that I had just made her daydream a potential reality. I started laughing and I probably laughed a little harder than I should have. Like I said, I was slightly in shock and excited and so I was out of it. She looked at me and I had a big Cheshire cat grin on my face. And she said, "What's so funny?...ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?! SHUT. UP. NO WAY!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???"

So I showed her that I was. And then my sisters started freaking out. It was pretty comical.

My brother walked into the room and we got quiet. He said, "Really? Y'all are waiving around a urine stick and mom and Jessi and Loren are freaking out. It's not that hard to figure out."

The men in my family, I tell ya. ELOQUENT.

He then said, "Congrats sis. I'm really excited."

And he's 17, so basically that chill statement is the equivalent of his twin sister's "WELL SHUT MY MOUTH!!"

My dad had been outside and came inside. He could tell something was up. So I showed him...
and he looked at the test,
and looked back at me,
and then looked at the test again,
and then looked at me again,
and then looked at the test again,
and then looked at me again.

And finally, he said, "Congratulations sister. I'm so excited for you."

Which side story: My mom told me that a week later they were laying in bed and said out of nowhere, "It's pretty cool." She asked him what he was talking about and he said, "...that we're going to be grandparents. It's gonna be fun to have a little one around again."

I don't typically talk about Brandon's family on here because he's a lot more private than I am. But I feel like this is kind of one of those times for an exception to the rule. Brandon called his mom the next day since it was late the night before and told her. Her response was that she already knew based on a "mother's intuition." And then Brandon called his brothers as soon as he could. All three of them have very busy schedules so it's always hard to get a hold of them right away. So it took a little bit, but both brothers were very excited! And he finally got a hold of his dad and he said, he'd heard from one of his brothers.

(Inside story: Brandon's family all live extremely close to one another, but they never know what one another is doing just because of their schedules. So it's kind of a running joke that no one talks to one another even though they live a stone's throw away from each other.)

Brandon had originally called his dad first because his dad says he's always the last to know. But he didn't answer. So he still wound up being the last to know despite Brandon's best efforts.

Either way, Papa and Mimi are very excited for another grandbaby. My parents are super excited as well. I had to spill the beans earlier than I wanted to "the public" because my mom kept telling people.

We are due September 16th which is in between my birthday, my in-laws and my sister and brother's birthdays. If this kid gets his or her own birthday, it'll be a miracle.

And I know that people say it'd be the best present ever to have a baby as a present for their birthday BLAH BLAH BLAH, well I'm not that girl. So I'll be super active, but come my birthday this year, I plan to take the day and do absolutely nothing all day. I won't be encouraging birth to be happening other than the celebration of my own.

So that's how we told our families. I will be doing weekly updates as of tomorrow and I've also got some funny family stories as well.

Happy Monday!

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