Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Stuff Post

My sister is going to lose her mind when she sees that I've not only blogged once this week, but I've now blogged twice.

OVERACHIEVER right here.

What can I say? I do what I can.

  1. I am putting winter on notice. I'm over it. The one perk of being down South is that winter ends earlier here and I told myself that over and over and over and over when I was freezing my butt off before we left Michigan. Well. Someone needs to let Oklahoma and Arkansas know that it's time to warm things up a bit. 
  2. Brandon and I are going to Florida the week after the bar. AMEN. All the sunshine. All the good healthy food. All the Mouse. And in case I didn't mention it. ALL. THE. SUNSHINE. And listen, even if it pours the whole time, it'll be warm outside and I will LOVE it. 
  3. We got our apartment issues solved and we will be moving in March. Still in Bentonville. Even closer for my husband's work. MUCH better location. 
  4. I still really want to see August Osage County. I know that it's a controversial movie for Oklahomans, but I love me some Meryl and Julia. I can't help myself. 
  5. I'm starting a stack of books for after the bar is over. So far, I've got Allegiant, The Antelope in the Living Room, and that's it. Any other recommendations? I wish the next J.K. Rowling would write the next Harry Potter. But the problem with that is that great works like Harry Potter only happen once a generation. 

HA. HA. HA. I started this post late at night and then crashed. So it's a week late. Oh well. These things are still true. 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Graduation Day and a Goodbye to Michigan for now.

Last weekend, we made the trek up to Michigan for my law school graduation. I can't believe this day had finally come. Of course, I spent the road trip being sick because my dad drives like a Nascar driver I get car sick super easily.

Then I studied on Friday because there's nothing like graduating while studying for the bar.


On Friday evening, our campus hosted a small reception. It was awesome. The professors spoke to us and gave us bits of advice, then the students had an opportunity to speak.

I spoke and many others did as well. It was a great night and something I'll remember always.

But Saturday was soon upon us and it was time to GRADUATE!

Me with my pal Bethany - she ran a half with me and was my running partner and fellow hippie in law school. She is such a light and I miss seeing her daily all the time. She lives in North Carolina so I finally have a good excuse to hit it up! She was the "earth hippie" and I was the "sunshine hippie." 

This is my friend Kaylon. I've known her since my 1L year. She cracked me up on a regular basis and  encouraged me a ton during my weight loss journey. She's a native Michigander and one smart cookie! 

Just in case anyone forgot that we were in the Frozen Tundra on graduation day! HA! 

The obligatory picture with my parents. I wish I had my high school photo, college photo and this photo next to each other for comparison. You know just for fun. Either way, I was SUPER happy that they made it a priority to make the trip up here. It meant a ton that they wouldn't miss this day for anything! 

Me with my siblings! 

One with the whole family. That's my ACTUAL diploma in the shot by the way.
Blue ribbon for doctorate and purple for law! 

Of course, had to have a picture with my main man. I could not have made it to this day without him. Our time in Michigan is something that I'll treasure and remember always as well.  

Finally, I wanted to have a shot by myself holding my diploma. This was such a moment of "I DID IT" and I wanted to have a moment in time where a picture said that. I'm sure this picture says a thousand other things too!  But either way, it was a great day and I'm so proud of myself. 
Then on Sunday morning, it was time to leave Michigan and our home of three and a half years. I'm not sure when we will make it to Ann Arbor again. I'll bet it'll be in the summertime some year because Brandon loves it then. We have dreams of owning a lake house up there in the future. I cried, of course, as we walked to the car and pretty much all the way to the Ohio state line. So many happy memories were made up here and so many life lessons were learned. It became our home.

I'm looking forward to making Arkansas our home and finding good communities in church and running and friendships. I feel a bit off right now because of it all. My eating and working out hasn't been great at all. I wish that I'd had some more time to get used to the area before jumping right into studying to find my footing. I also wished we hadn't moved here in the middle of yucky winter, but that's another complaint for another day. There are a lot of things that I love so far about being closer to home and there are some things that I miss about Michigan. In the meantime, I ask that y'all pray for us during this transition time.

Hope this finds you well.

Happy Monday!
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