Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 Resolutions, The Bar and my "rules", and other tidbits.

Happy New Year!!

This is the beginning of my third year in my weight loss journey. <----- almost="" and="" is="" nbsp="" p="" read.="" sentence="" that="" to="" unbelievable="" write="">
Last night on Facebook I wrote, "2012 was the year I decided to take my body back. 2013 was the year of maintaining 70 pounds lost. But 2014 is the year goals are met. BRING. IT. ON!"

And that's how I feel.

I'm ready to blow out some personal bests.
I'm ready to see 150 on the scale.
I'm ready to be brave.
I'm ready to dig deep.
I'm ready to fight for it like I never have before.

If you're starting your own journey, what I can say is this - don't give up and just keep going!

So what are my resolutions, words, and verses for 2014?

But see, here's the deal. I have to do all of this while studying for the bar. The good news is that when I study hard, I lose my appetite. Or at least my appetite for junk food. And I also will be super stressed out.

So I've made myself some rules to cut down on the stress.

Sam's Rules for Bar Studying
  1. Just keep going. 
  2. Stay positive - mental health is half the battle.
  3. Avoid distractions & crazy people.
  4. Practice makes perfect - do as many MC & essays as possible. 
  5. Follow & stick with the schedule, but adjust as necessary to what works best for me!
  6. Eat healthy & exercise regularly.
  7. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
The bar is the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February by the way. If I'm scarce here, y'all know why.

The Tidbits

  • We are almost settled into the apartment. We just have a few last things to hang up. Because we were paying for two apartments, we live in a super cheap one now. Of course with the cheap rent come some hardships. We currently are dealing with a complex that still allows people to smoke in their apartments. It's not fun, but it'll work for the time being. 
  • I can slowly feel myself relaxing here and I'm looking forward to discovering a new place. But it's VERY slowly. 
  • I need more yoga pants in my life for bar study purposes. 
So tell me - what are YOUR New Year's resolutions? What's your word?

Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year! 

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