Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • I hate winter every year come January 2. This year is no different. However, I'll spend winter in a library and basically come out of a hibernation of sorts after the bar is finished. In a sick and twisted way, I'm really happy about this. 
  • I went to the running store here in Bentonville. Let me say this about that: Rush Running rocks and I will never shop anywhere else if I can help it. Now if my shoes will just hurry up and get here!
  • Today, it's single digit weather in Arkansas and parts of Oklahoma. I posted on Facebook that this is pretty much what winter is like in Michigan for all of January and the first part of February. I apologized for bringing it with me. But I'm really not that sorry. I've missed Michigan a lot and this made it not sting so much. Also, I'm glad that people here get to experience true cold. 
  • P.S. I'm super proud of myself because I ran in this weather all last winter. 
  • I'm not sure if this is an Arkansas thing or not, but the two Sonics I've been to so far do not sell their ice. 
  • Tried Zaxby's last week before my Friday Weight Watcher's weigh in hit and I have to say I was impressed. Good fried chicken and good ranch. I could take or leave the famed Zaxby's sauce. 
  • There is apparently going to be a Chuy's here soon as well. I'm excited about that. Brandon isn't a Ted's fan b/c he gets sick every time he goes, so I'm happy to have a Tex-Mex alternative. 
  • Apparently, I'm hungry. 
  • Law school jaded me b/c when I need to pee at the library I study at, I pack up my entire bag. I just don't trust people. Not that anyone stole anything at law school because it was an honor code violation to do so. Apparently, I don't think that same code exists among the regular people. 
  • Yesterday, a guy let us go in front of him because we had way less in our cart than he did. I can't remember the last time that happened. Being back in the south has been great. 
  • Yes, I realize the last two statements contradict one another. 
Happy Monday! 

1 comment:

Mrs. T said...

Well, did you get something to eat after this post? lol

What did you wear to run in this? I've been stuck at the YMCA track and treadmill.

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