Friday, December 27, 2013

That time we moved to Arkansas...finally.

If you're new around here, today is your day to read ye ol' blog.

If you're not new, this is me basically talking about the past six months of our lives.

Back in June, Brandon got the job of his dreams offered to him. So we talked about things and decided that it was best he go ahead and take it. This meant we'd be moving to Arkansas after graduation aka I'd be taking a different bar aka we wouldn't be living in Michigan anymore.

While Brandon was in Arkansas, my sister came up to Michigan so I wouldn't have to be by myself. We lived together in college and so it was just part two of that. She worked for a dentist up here and I finished up law school.

By the way, I'm officially done with law school and now all I have to do is take the bar and walk at graduation on January 25th. Guess which one makes me want to vomit and break out in hives?

So anyways, last Thursday, Brandon flew into town bright and early and we loaded up the truck and the next morning we headed to Bentonville/Rogers Arkansas. We unloaded what would fit into our tiny one bedroom apartment that smells like smoke (more on that later) and then headed to my parents to unload the rest. But we had a burger from Ron's in Bentonville. It's a solid burger joint, if burgers are your love language.

We headed to my parents in Oklahoma and rested all of a night before we were in the car again for Christmas with my momma's family. That day also happened to be our 6th wedding anniversary. So when we got back from the festivities, Brandon treated me to a stay in a hotel in Tulsa and dinner and a movie. My favorite kind of date. We saw American Hustle and here's what I'll say about that. I've determined that I'm not a David O. Russell fan because I wasn't impressed with the film. We ate at Texas Roadhouse and the meal was delicious.

The next day we headed back to my parents for some shopping and taking the truck back to the rental place. We then celebrated Christmas the next few days with my family and then on Christmas day, we headed to see Brandon's side of the family. And now here I sit back in my parents house until tomorrow. We stopped back here because I had to pick up Pais. Sugar is too big for our apartment so for the time being she is staying at Nana's house.

Today is basically my last day of "freedom." I've got a ton of stuff to do with my bar prep course before Thursday when it officially starts. That starts with us finally organizing our apartment this weekend. So I'll finally get to experience Arkansas a little bit.

In the meantime, I'll be considering the question, "How does it feel to be back?" I don't have an answer that sits well with people at this point I don't think. I think it's because I don't respond with a resounding "Well, of course!"

The thing is that even though Michigan was far away from everyone and ultimately not home, I still really liked it there. So many good things happened while we were there. I got my education, Brandon got his first big break in his career, we had some great friends, I found my love of running, lost a bunch of weight, came to appreciate 20 degrees being a "heat wave", ran my first half marathon, discovered a new city, and so many other things.

But most importantly, Brandon and I had to rely on each other because we were all each other had. I feel like we united together as a couple in ways that might never had happened if we hadn't moved away. And that is priceless.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm very happy to be close to our families and extremely happy to live with my husband again. But I'm sure I'll go through a transition period again. I don't think I've crossed over to being a Yankee, but I certainly have learned how to tolerate the Michigander ways. So it'll be an adventure returning to the South. And it'll be an adventure learning a new area again. I'm looking forward to it all.

But getting over Michigan is going to take longer than I realized.

Our first real day in Arkansas starts tomorrow. I hope it's a good one.

And if you read all of this, I'm impressed.

Happy Friday!


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Welcome back! I'm glad for the update. So when do you actually take the bar? Maybe you said it and I missed it... But I remember you walk on january 25! (-: Points for me. ha. Arkansas is beautiful. I hope you enjoy it mucho, and I hope the transition is easier than you had expected.


Kara said...

I didn't move as far of a distance as you did after law school, but I still remember having an unsettled feeling for a couple of years.

I think it's the move, it's being away from friends, it's being out of the school setting, etc. It's the whole package of change.

I thought it would go away quickly. I had a nice new apartment that was more than twice the size of my law school one. I bought a new car that I had always wanted. There were all sorts of "improvements" in my life, yet I found myself longing for that small apartment in Lubbock, studying, classes, etc.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is I think this is very natural. It's something that you are not alone in feeling. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about how you are feeling and not being 100% enthused & settled about being where you are right now. It's okay to miss Michigan and school and friends, yet at the same time being torn because you are happy to be reunited with B and closer to family.

Not So Newlyweds said...

Good luck with your bar exam! You will do wonderfully! I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. You are such role model of so many kinds (fitness, weight loss, law school). I'm excited to see where your new adventure takes you!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm behind on my blog reading and I missed the fact that you were moving back down South again. That's exciting!!! Good luck with taking a new bar and everything that comes with starting this new adventure!XOXO

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