Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Updates....oh the updates!

I figure that since I haven't blogged regularly this semseter that I'm waaaaaaaaay overdue for a life update.


Next week is my last week of law school and school forever for that matter. It blows my mind that this day has finally arrived. I'm excited and scared all the same. There is something to be said for the law school experience.

ANYWAY. The week after that I spend the entire week packing and then we are headed to ARKANSAS! We will celebrate the holidays and then I'll start studying for the bar. This period shall also be known as Sam has no life and Brandon needs lots of prayers.

So that's the sorta logistics for things.


I am officially halfway through my recovery time for my stress fracture on my right foot. I will say that I can tell a difference in the way my foot feels and I'm so glad that as of this weekend, I only have three more weekends until I can start training again. I will be starting from scratch, but that's okay. It's best for my foot and best for my studying schedule.

Speaking of working out, I think we are going to join the Y when I get there b/c they offer some classes. I really like classes for some reason. I think it's because the weights and other strength training moves are already incorporated into them for me. Plus, I'm not an expert at being fit. Trainers are. And so, it's best that I go to those types of people to teach the classes.


Sugar and Paisley are doing well. I realize that I haven't talked about them in forever. I just thought y'all should know that shenanigans still abound regularly with these two. It's snowed recently in Michigan and so Paisley's stank face has raised a new notch.

But life is good for them and they cannot complain.


I think I am going to do my 25 days of Christmas posts this year. I don't know if everything will be all cutesy Christmas, but I will post every day about something. It'll be good practice for me.


My family is here this week for Thanksgiving in our teeny apartment. But I love it this way. We all have such a good time when we're together and I have LOVED them being here already. We've cooked good meals, had a lot of laughs, and already made a trip to the DQ for some dessert!

Although, apparently, my mother has this grand scheme to go Black Friday shopping. I don't know if y'all know this or not, but I am not a fan of the shopping event that is Black Friday. Don't get me wrong, I can put a hurt on some retail shopping with the best of them, but Black Friday just isn't for me. It's the highest level of passive aggressive and I just can't do that at 3:28 in the morning. I'm just not committed to the cause.


What are some other updates you need from me? I think I've covered things, but if I haven't, ask away.

Happy Hump Day!

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