Saturday, October 19, 2013

I've injured my ankle and I'm losing my mind.

Almost two weeks ago now, I went for a long run. I'm not doing a half this fall because of some ill planning on my part. But I still wanted to remain in shape. So this was my last long run of the year.

I've been talking with my running coach a lot and I've almost felt bored with my running. I still love it. But I've needed to be stretched or pushed in a new way with it. In the back of my mind, since I crossed the finish line last year, I have wanted to do a marathon. I know that at some point, I need to know what that feels like.


I wanted to get a sub 2 hour half-marathon first. Thankfully, my running coach remembered that. And so when I told her that I was in this place of being bored, she suggested that I do some speed work. Training for a marathon is very time consuming and the only way to make it not time-consuming is to get your time down. So after this long run, she and I were going to re-evaluate my training plan for the remainder of the year. And getting faster sounded and sounds really exciting to me.

This run was hard for me. It was muggy as all get out. It had been forecasted to just pour about half-way through my run, but it never happened. Running has so many factors to it, but one of the biggest factors is the weather. So many things can change when it rains, is muggy, hot as balls or cold. When I first started running, I used to think people were crazy for loving running more in the winter time.  Now I'm in that camp. But running in the rain or when it's about to rain is when thinks can change or happen the most. A person just runs differently.

After this run, I did my usual post-run routine. I took a shower. Took a nap. Noticed my calves were tighter than usual. However, unlike the past year, I've been on my feet all day during the week because I'm in court for my externship with the prosecutor's office up here. I wore flats to be nice to my feet the next day. But at the end of the day, I was miserable. My point of pressure hurts right under my ankle bone. As in I touch my ankle bone, move my fingers right below it and that's where it hurts.

I went on rest immediately. Took some ibuprofen. Stretched regularly. This past Monday was Columbus Day so the office was closed. I had a full day of rest and it really helped. So I went to my running group on Wednesday. And it was the same pain again. I'm really stiff in the mornings. But then I'm fine throughout the day. At the end of the work day, it gets stiff and sore again. I've had no swelling or throbbing pain at any point. I'm going to see a sports medicine doctor that specializes in ankle injuries in athletes up here.

But I am really nervous.

I'm pretty much ready to lose my mind.

My worst nightmare right now are the words "stress fracture."

I've been in denial about this, but I'm at the point where I'm ready to talk about it. I figure that talking about it gets me on the path to recovery quicker than not talking about it. And who knows, maybe someone has been through it like I have.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • In a little over four months, I take the bar. 
  • Vomit.
  • This weekend was an absolute blast and I hope to have a blog post up soon on it. You know, documentation for the kiddies and all. 
  • I don't know what I think about this season's Sons of Anarchy. For now, all I'll say is the Irish are pissed.
  • Sitting on hold for over 30 minutes is not cool. Looking at you Disney World.
  • Today is a legal holiday and so I've been at home. It's been nice, but I've still been working all day. Womp. Womp. 
  • Less than two months and I'll be living in Arkansas. 
  • Caroline Manzo leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey is lame. Even lamer than that? The way she exited. Guess I'll tune into Manzoed with Children.
  • I am chopping my hair off back to a short bob. Long hair is too much maintenance. The biggest grievance I have is how long it takes to blow-dry. And since I don't have a hair stylist to do my hair every day, short hurr here I come. 
  • I am running the Iron Turkey up here in about a month. I'm really excited for this event. It is something new and goes towards my goal of getting faster. 
I'm off to enjoy a portion of my day not in the office. Hope your Monday has been great! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The tradition lives on...

Sometimes I worry if I'm going to forget my Pappaw and Grannie entirely. It's been awhile since they have passed. But last week I was reminded that they live on in us in sometimes in the most unusual ways.

But first, a back story!

Way back before Loren and Will were born, my Pappaw or Grannie would call up our house to see if my parents were watching a specific show. My aunt (dad's sister) would do the same on occasion as well.

 The yellow phone would ring....(if you need a reference for that sound click on the antique phone sound on your iPhone. Believe it or not, that sound used to be a real thing and the only option.)

 If I answered, it went something like this.

ME: Hello.
Pappaw/Grannie/Aunt Sheila: Hello! Who is this?
ME: It's me, Samantha!
Pappaw/Grannie/Aunt Sheila:Well hello! Hey is your daddy there?
ME: Yep...DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (My daddy would either roll his eyes and get up or he'd yell at me to not yell and then he'd get up.)
Daddy: Hello.
Pappaw/Grannie/Aunt Sheila:You got the television turned on Channel 6?

Then it went one of two ways...

If he didn't have it on their station of choice for this particular phone call...

Pappaw/Grannie/Aunt Sheila: There's a 60 Minutes report about (whatever the subject was) and you should watch because it talks about...and they'd go on and on for a few minutes, while Dad couldn't change the channel because we didn't have a remote control for our TV. They'd go on about the show some more until finally Dad asked us to change the channel.

Of course we didn't want to change the channel because that meant we had to stop watching our program, because DVR didn't exist either.

As you can imagine, we weren't exactly excited to get their phone calls because we knew this could happen since it was almost a daily phone call.

If he did have it on their station of choice for this particular phone call...

Pappaw/Grannie/Aunt Sheila: Well I was just wondering if you were watching.

Then if it was my Grannie or Aunt they'd go on to discuss what had already happened on the show. My aunt usually wanted to know what my daddy thought. My Grannie, on the other hand, preferred to give a play by play. Because you daddy hadn't been watching the program already.

Fast forward to present day...

Me and Jessi are sitting in the living room watching TV.

Jessi: Did you see where so & so posted on The Twitter/Insta/Facebook?

Now this conversation goes one of two ways...

If I hadn't seen what so & so posted on The Twitter/Insta/Facebook...

Jessi: WELL. Did you know that so & so posted....

In the mean time, I'm opening up the app to look at what that person posted because it's easily available for me to do so.

If I have seen what so & so posted on The Twitter/Insta/Facebook....

ME: Yes
Jessi: Goes on to give a play by play of what the person had posted.

Don't worry Grannie. Your tradition and memory lives on....

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October - Work Hard. Play Hard.

This month is shaping up to be jam packed with lots of work and lots of fun.

I seem to do better when I've got a ton going on, but it also can border on having too much.

If I can survive thrive October, I'll be home free. I'll get rid of some major to-do list stuff.

The Work To-Do Stuff

  1. Finishing the bulk of my mock trial preparations.
  2. Submitting my bar application.
  3. Continuing my externship. 

The Play To-Do Stuff

  1. A Girls Only Weekend with my best girls. It's gonna be bad awesome. #thebusdriversrideagain #PLBD #collegereunion 
  2. Running more races and getting faster. 
  3. Personal Run Challenges.
  4. Watching college football. 
So bring it on October! I'm ready for ya!

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