Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Royal Protocol

Well people, it seems that the new HRH is upon us.


As you know the Mountbatten-Windsor's have remained mum (pun not intended) on whether the Duchess will be safely delivered of the heir to the throne until yesterday.

In what has been the biggest hint thus far, the Duchess of Cornwall said that the grandparents are basically waiting for THE phone call, per People magazine.

And the stodgiest Grannie of all them all, Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly remarked, that she hopes the new little one arrives before she peaces out for her annual holiday to Balmoral.

So what happens when the Duchess goes into labor? How will we know?

Well there will be a police presence outside of the hospital. And there is an actual statement that she has in fact gone into labor.

Then once she is delivered of the little boy/girl, they will rush an announcement to Buckingham Palace that is placed in a placard outside of the palace stating just that.

And then!!! When the family leaves the hospital, they'll stand on the steps where Wills parents stood when he was born. So we will actually get to see the baby!!

In other words, the Royal family do baby announcements right.

As you can also imagine, I've been glued to People and the Daily Mail for tidbits.

And I have name combos picked out. What are yours?

My current name combos are:

Boy - George/Charles/James/Albert
Girl - Elizabeth/Alexandra/Diana/Charlotte

I really like Alexandra and George the best.

We will see!

Are you as delighted as I am? 

Happy Wednesday!


Not So Newlyweds said...

I'm excited too! Alexandra and George are my fav as well. I can't see them using Diana as a first name. Hopefully middle name though!

Mrs. T said...

Oh my word you are too funny! I think they should let you babysit!

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