Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not a Witness for Jesus!

Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet my Manzo partner-in-crime, Rachel. She's a native Michigander. We met up for lunch at Big Salad in Novi. (Side Note: Big Salad is this wonderful place where you pick ingredients for a salad and they mix it all together and chop it up for you! The portions are a little on the bigger side, but somehow I manage to eat it all when I go.)

The first thing I noticed about Rachel is that she is TALL.

I guess one of the things I didn't realize I do is assume that my friends in my phone, as my husband calls them, are the same height as me. I'm 5'4'' on a good day. I figure everyone else has the same problem. She is 5'9'' and I remember thinking how tall Griffin is going to be when he is a young man.

My sister Jess was with me and we immediately got to talking about how cute Rachel looked. She was wearing Target head to toe including this absolutely darling purse that Jessi has been trying to find ever since. (She also may or may not have emailed Target about the said purse.)

We talked about...

  • the latest twitter baby boom and how I consider the new HRH to be part of that group. 
  • how I might name a kid after the new HRH.
  • our favorite things we've found via the blog world. 
  • Big Brother 15 and the live feeds. 
  • how we know that Megan really loves Caroline Manzo.
  • sweet Griffin and his swim lessons. 
And everything in between!

Before we knew it, two hours had passed and Rachel had to go pick up Griffin for a dinner date. And I needed to go be a witness. But not for Jesus. For a trial skills class.

It was a total blast and I cannot wait to meet up with Rachel again before we leave Michigan!

Happy Saturday!

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