Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Moments of Prince George's Birth

Ahem. You'll find that there is a mix of the modern and traditional aspects of the past few days.

10. The 41 and 62 Gun Salute - I love that there was a none too subtle reminder that this baby is special from the moment he was born!

9. Loading up the baby in the car seat with a regular blanket - When Prince George was loaded into the car by Prince William, we could all see that he had a regular receiving blanket on underneath and I thought that was lovely.

8. Quality Time - These parents are insistent that they have their private time as a family. I love that not only did they take 4 hours before they announced they had a little boy, but that the people around them respected that privacy and the need to bond.

7. Next Day Attire - The Duchess in her sunglasses and a ponytail was wonderful! It showed that just because she is the mummy to the heir to the throne, doesn't mean that she won't be part of raising that baby, INCLUDING losing sleep!

6. The Grandparents Visit - I know many people aren't huge fans of Prince Charles, but he has made significant strides since the death of Diana and that really came full circle when he arrived to see his new grandson! I really loved that he had a blue flower on in celebration of his new status and he really has come into his own. I strongly believe that Kate is part of that process. I also love that the Middletons are such an integral part of the immediate families.

5. That Cornflower Blue with White Polka Dotted Jenny Packham Dress - I have loved everything that Kate has worn since her induction into the Royal Family. But I've never wanted to find out a way to get ahold of a dress she's worn until yesterday when she stepped out in the Jenny Packham dress. It made me want to be a momma to a little boy too.

4. 4 Generations in a Room  - Listen, I don't care who you are, the fact that four heirs to a British crown were in the same room is, as the British would say, fantastic! It is something that doesn't happen all that often and so much history at the same time!

3. George Alexander Louis - I really love the significance of the prince's names. It is reported that the couple chose these names themselves.

George = The Queen's Father's Royal Name and one of Charles' middle names
Alexander = One of the Queen's middle names
Louis = One of William's middle names and the name of Prince Phillip's grandfather

2. The royal announcement scroll placed on the easel outside of Buckingham Palace - This is one of the last traditional aspects of the birth and even though we knew the baby was a boy before it was announced, it still was cool to see. The British are nothing if not traditional and it was nice to see that some things never change.

1. Prince William driving his little family home from the hospital. - As much as I love the tradition of the day, my favorite moment of all was when Prince William put his son in his car, made sure his wife was inside as well, and then drove his little family home. I'm sure he was a wreck just like every other daddy is when they drive their son or daughter home for the first time and that moment in time was just so tender.

What was your favorite moment of the past few days?

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to the world Prince George Alexander Louis!


Sarah said...

Number 1 is my favorite too!

Tyly said...

Love this list!!! And because you mentioned it, I sat here and googled "Kate day after baby" and a million variations looking for the ponytail and sunglasses with no luck. Haha! I love how "normal" they are being.

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