Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • I've decided this is the season of floaters on Big Brother.
  • Pais has been my pal these past few weeks and it's been wonderful. She's normally Brandon's girl and so a change of pace has been nice. However, when Brandon visits, I'm sure I'll be chopped liver again. 
  • Dark chocolate pretzels are from Jesus. I am sure of it. 
  • It feels like fall here right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for fall like nobody's business. BUT. I'd like just a few more weeks of summer before the next semester starts.
  • My little sister texted me yesterday to tell me that she had missed me lately. Talk about melting my heart. I love being big sister to her.
  • I think I might be Team Teresa again. Don't get me wrong, Don Caro is still my very favorite, but Teresa seems to be making a serious effort. I also really love Rich and Kathy Wakile.
  • My sister and I have been attending Life Church up here. Both sermons we have been to have been about things on my heart a lot in the past few months. It's been such a good word. I come from a very traditional church in Oklahoma where everything has to be so-so and it has been nice to be in a place where the primary focus is on Jesus.
This week's is short because I need to get back to studying. Happy Monday! 


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

here goes my big brother breakdown:

-can't stand aaryn--but suddenly she's being all nice, which annoys me more.
-used to like amanda, but her gunning for howie like it's her her job is annoying me, so I'm less of a fan. I also think she's messing with McCrae's head.
-was an Elissa fan for a while but this last week she's irritating me--same with Helen. I'm just bored of them.
-andy...does he do ANYTHING?
-I would honestly like to see howard or candice take this whole thing, but I doubt it'll happen.
-I don't even have a favorite player--which is driving me crazy.

the end.

Mrs. T said...

Big Brother is driving me crazy. I don't have a bb crush this summmer. I don't have a favorite player. There really isn't anyone standing out. There are some mean people there this time. Jessie? Andy? What the heck are they doing? Are they even there????

Oh and RHONJ was great. I'm so glad they're starting to make up. Do you think it will last? Also, I think it's crazy how the Gudice's are in trouble again. This time it seems pretty bad.

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