Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I still struggle.

Made to Crave [Day 44] Thought for the Day: It's easy to do the right things when we see immediate results. But sometimes it pleases God more to do the right thing even when the results are not so immediate. 

I am down to my last 12-15 pounds. I do really well during the week, but the weekends are my trouble areas. I still workout on the weekends, in fact my longer runs are always on Sunday and I make sure to hit a Pure Barre class on Saturday.

BUT. I still struggle with what I eat.

I know that there are some people out there who have "broken up" with the scale. I am not one of those people. I still want to hit my goal. And I still think my goal is attainable.

However, I have to admit when I step on the scale on Fridays and it doesn't say what I want it to say, I get frustrated.

I am in the middle of persevering to the end of my journey. This year has been much harder for me than last year was.

I don't see the results that I used to and I am stubborn.

Being stubborn is a national past time in my family, it seems. And yes, it is a good thing to continue to get back up when I fall down again. It is not a good thing to make a bad choice in the food department because I didn't get my way with the scale.

The scale isn't the problem. It's the person standing on it.

When I let go of reaching for food to console, congratulate, encourage, etc me, then I will move forward.

I have got to be stubborn, but in the right way. I think a better word for this is persevere.

Anyways, this is why I haven't been posting weight updates. I'm stuck and I'm not happy about it. I just thought sharing would be a good thing because I am sure someone has been here before me. So solidarity sister!

What are some things that motivated you to the end? What pushed you forward? Any favorite sayings or healthy truths?

Happy Tuesday!

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Mrs. T said...

I've been struggling with my food choices as well. I keep wondering if it is just because it's summer and I'm home more. During the school year my schedule is pretty firm and my eating times are pretty much the same every day. I also have to preplan all of my meals and snacks becuase of time, travel, yadda, yadda...so it was easier for me then. Now I'm falling into little traps. I know I've set them for myself and that I should avoid certain things, but dangit, those yummy pinterest recipes keep calling me. I've been chugging right along the workout train, and I'm stronger and faster than I've ever been. It's my diet that needs a kick in the rear. Oh wait, not my diet, ME. Kick me, please, and thank you. :)

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