Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday is "YouTube" Day.

YouTube: a website that allows users to upload and share videos worldwide. Launched in Febuary 2005 by three former members of paypal, YouTube has seen immense success, and as of March 2006 roughly 20,000 videos are uploaded daily.

When Jessi and I lived together in college, YouTube was a serious form of entertainment for us. It was fairly new at the time, and there was always a video that would crack us up late at night when we were supposed to be studying.


Since in my last few weeks of finals, I figure I'd continue the time honored tradition and share my favorite YouTube videos/commercials.

Happy Hump Day and Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • I've decided this is the season of floaters on Big Brother.
  • Pais has been my pal these past few weeks and it's been wonderful. She's normally Brandon's girl and so a change of pace has been nice. However, when Brandon visits, I'm sure I'll be chopped liver again. 
  • Dark chocolate pretzels are from Jesus. I am sure of it. 
  • It feels like fall here right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for fall like nobody's business. BUT. I'd like just a few more weeks of summer before the next semester starts.
  • My little sister texted me yesterday to tell me that she had missed me lately. Talk about melting my heart. I love being big sister to her.
  • I think I might be Team Teresa again. Don't get me wrong, Don Caro is still my very favorite, but Teresa seems to be making a serious effort. I also really love Rich and Kathy Wakile.
  • My sister and I have been attending Life Church up here. Both sermons we have been to have been about things on my heart a lot in the past few months. It's been such a good word. I come from a very traditional church in Oklahoma where everything has to be so-so and it has been nice to be in a place where the primary focus is on Jesus.
This week's is short because I need to get back to studying. Happy Monday! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gutting it out.

Last year when I started running with the Couch to 5K/10K apps, I mostly trained on my own. 

When I joined the women's running group that I'm a part of up here, my running really started to come together. I loved (and still love!) the advice my running coach gives me. It was and still is great to be around a great group of women when doing the long training runs. 

When I started training for my first half, I also gained a really good running buddy during the week. 

Well my running buddy is moving and pretty soon, I'm going to have to find a whole new running group. 

For some reason, this seems more of a rite of passage to me than running my races does. It was like running in the winter this past year. I just wanted to be able to say I could do it. 

I want to be able to say I can run with or without somebody. Accountability is great. And if I find another running buddy in Arkansas, I'll be thrilled, but this fall, I want to know if I can gut out the training (minus my long runs) on my own. 

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. Wanted to make sure it was documented for you know, accountability reasons. 

Happy Saturday! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday: I need a #royalbaby detox like WHOA.

Because I am still coming out of the haze that is the #royalbaby named Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, I am functioning in random thoughts. It's kinda like I am during finals, when I only make sense talking about the law and nothing else. So I figure that there is nothing better than joining all the cool kids and doing the Five on Friday Link-Up.

1. Royal Baby Nickname - I have decided that one of Prince George's nicknames will be George Alex. Spread the word. We're gonna make this a thing.

(And really if you're surprised I'm still talking about this. SHUT. IT.)

On a similar note, I found out that my great-grandma was a royal family fan as well. It made me smile. I immediately texted my momma to ask her if we could talk about her as I realized that I don't know a whole lot about her.

(Okay, now I'm done. Swearsies.)

(Who am I kidding?)

2. Law School Matters - My last semester of law school is this fall, but my last round of finals is this summer. Cue the Hallelujah chorus. Also, cue the many freak-outs. I've started my to-do lists a la Rory Gilmore and will be cranking them out in no time.

Jessi will get to experience first hand my lack of showers, cleaning, not cooking, and zombie status. What can I say? I'm a treat during finals time.

I'm sure some of you are curious about my lack of class. I have class, but it's an internship for credit. This fall I'm doing an externship and will be working on my legal wardrobe. I'm ambivalent about this. Lawyer clothes cannot exactly be found at the Old Navy. They also aren't cheap. But, I'll look like a lawyer!!

3. Part-Time Michigander -  I want to write a post about all the things I'll miss about Michigan. I think it's time considering my days are numbered and the fact that I've lived here for three years as of Wednesday.

That being said, I'm really looking forward to fall one last time in Michigan.

4. Running News - I'm on the hunt for my fall half-marathon. I also want to find races to run each month. I really want to run an October Halloween race that doesn't involve people running out to scare me along the way. My middle name isn't exactly Grace, you know.

I also plan to run a Turkey Trot again. Those races are lots of fun.

Finally, I really want to work for a running store part-time while I am studying for the bar. The extra money would be great and it would be an awesome way for me to get to know the running community.

5. The Last of Summer - It's been pretty cool this week in Michigan and it's definitely made me crave all things fall.


I plan to enjoy the last of summer because I need a tan and also because the warm weather like this doesn't last too long.

So pardon me while I pack a peach, a tea, my beach towel, and the #royalbaby Special Edition of People Magazine and hot foot it to the pool.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Moments of Prince George's Birth

Ahem. You'll find that there is a mix of the modern and traditional aspects of the past few days.

10. The 41 and 62 Gun Salute - I love that there was a none too subtle reminder that this baby is special from the moment he was born!

9. Loading up the baby in the car seat with a regular blanket - When Prince George was loaded into the car by Prince William, we could all see that he had a regular receiving blanket on underneath and I thought that was lovely.

8. Quality Time - These parents are insistent that they have their private time as a family. I love that not only did they take 4 hours before they announced they had a little boy, but that the people around them respected that privacy and the need to bond.

7. Next Day Attire - The Duchess in her sunglasses and a ponytail was wonderful! It showed that just because she is the mummy to the heir to the throne, doesn't mean that she won't be part of raising that baby, INCLUDING losing sleep!

6. The Grandparents Visit - I know many people aren't huge fans of Prince Charles, but he has made significant strides since the death of Diana and that really came full circle when he arrived to see his new grandson! I really loved that he had a blue flower on in celebration of his new status and he really has come into his own. I strongly believe that Kate is part of that process. I also love that the Middletons are such an integral part of the immediate families.

5. That Cornflower Blue with White Polka Dotted Jenny Packham Dress - I have loved everything that Kate has worn since her induction into the Royal Family. But I've never wanted to find out a way to get ahold of a dress she's worn until yesterday when she stepped out in the Jenny Packham dress. It made me want to be a momma to a little boy too.

4. 4 Generations in a Room  - Listen, I don't care who you are, the fact that four heirs to a British crown were in the same room is, as the British would say, fantastic! It is something that doesn't happen all that often and so much history at the same time!

3. George Alexander Louis - I really love the significance of the prince's names. It is reported that the couple chose these names themselves.

George = The Queen's Father's Royal Name and one of Charles' middle names
Alexander = One of the Queen's middle names
Louis = One of William's middle names and the name of Prince Phillip's grandfather

2. The royal announcement scroll placed on the easel outside of Buckingham Palace - This is one of the last traditional aspects of the birth and even though we knew the baby was a boy before it was announced, it still was cool to see. The British are nothing if not traditional and it was nice to see that some things never change.

1. Prince William driving his little family home from the hospital. - As much as I love the tradition of the day, my favorite moment of all was when Prince William put his son in his car, made sure his wife was inside as well, and then drove his little family home. I'm sure he was a wreck just like every other daddy is when they drive their son or daughter home for the first time and that moment in time was just so tender.

What was your favorite moment of the past few days?

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to the world Prince George Alexander Louis!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Mumblings...the Royal Baby Edition.

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used it.

I'm also a history nerd that loves the Royal family, just in case you're new here. If you're not new, well then you know this.

This edition of Monday Mumblings is likely to be updated throughout the day.

  • When we finally have kids, we don't plan on releasing names on the blog. But their nicknames will be royally themed. 
  • Friday night, I tweeted that it was supposed to be a full moon starting Sunday. My sister's dog had her puppies yesterday. And Kate is in labor today. That's called #winning people! 
  • HRH Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, may have driven to the hospital. If so, I love that. So very normal for them!
  • My London fever is growing big time. 
  • I've got multiple windows open for my #royalbaby news. 
  • Still really like Alexandra/Elizabeth for a girl and George for a boy.
  • I actually think it's a boy. I would love a girl because of the historical impact, but I think it's a boy.
  • The fact that I know all of this "trivia" sometimes blows my mind and most of the time makes my eyes roll. 
  • I cancelled Pure Barre for today. I have a school appointment I can't miss. Why did I want to go to law school again?
  • Her Majesty The Queen has returned to Buckingham Palace.
  • The Royal Succession is as follows... Ahem. Elizabeth, Charles, William, William's heir, Henry (Harry), Andrew, Duke of York, Beatrice, Eugenie, Edward, Earl of Wessex...James (EDIT: James is younger, but he's the boy, so he comes first!) Louise, Anne, Princess Royal, Peter, Savannah, Isla THEN Zara. This isn't including the cousins. And is subject to change once Zara has her little one in the spring...although not a lot because she's the end of the line technically.
  • When the little RH is finally here, an announcement will be made by a royal aide outside the Lindo Wing and also a scroll will be placed outside Buckingham Palace. 

  • IT'S A BOY!!
Happy Monday! I am flipping delighted!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The best $6.97 I've spent this summer.

Before Brandon moved last month, it seemed like the mosquitoes were a little heavier than usual. But we didn't pay too much attention to it because really doesn't get that hot in Michigan in the summer.

(I'm sorry Michiganders, but it doesn't.)

So the heat doesn't wipe out the mosquitoes as quickly as it does say in the third circle of hell, also known as Oklahoma in the summer time.

(Sorry Oklahomans. But you know it's true.)

When my sister and I got back from Oklahoma, it rained for a solid week straight. And it seemed that was what those blood sucking bugs needed to breed like rabbits.

The rain finally cleared...well actually it just stopped for a little bit one afternoon. We stepped outside happy because my dogs wouldn't look at us like we were crazy when they needed to do their business. I mean how dare we take them outside when it is raining?!?

But that happiness was short lived my friends because you see, those mosquitoes, they were E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

(And the period after the letters in everywhere is NOT me being dramatic at all.)

We made it about a day before my sister starting telling me I needed to do something about the situation.

She said, "You could buy a bug zapper. You know, one of those, that you hang up by your front door." 

I replied, "We bought a bug strip our first summer here because the bugs were so bad."

But that was the extent of the conversation.

A week later it came up in conversation again. I just kinda shrugged it off. Spending money on a bug killer of any sort isn't exactly a glamorous purchase.

Running clothes, Chipotle, new pens and legal pads (Yes, I know I'm a freak!), and dark chocolate pretzels? Now those are glamorous.

And then I woke up with TWELVE new mosquito bites. TWELVE.

Suddenly, something to kill bugs seemed very glamorous.

So we hot-footed it to the Wal-marts.

(Side-note #1: No we didn't actually walk to the Wal-Marts. We went in my car.)

(Side-Note #2: Ever since we've read BooMama's book, every store is now referred to in Martha terms i.e. The Wal-Marts, the Steinmarts, the Chipotles. )


I bought a fly swatter that looks like a plastic tennis racket. Except this thing uses batteries and when it makes contact with a mosquito, the mosquito gets zapped.


It was available to me for the Always! low price of  $6.97.

And it beats out all my other fun purchases from this summer. Because those blood suckers can't get me anymore.

What's been your favorite necessity purchase this summer?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Royal Protocol

Well people, it seems that the new HRH is upon us.


As you know the Mountbatten-Windsor's have remained mum (pun not intended) on whether the Duchess will be safely delivered of the heir to the throne until yesterday.

In what has been the biggest hint thus far, the Duchess of Cornwall said that the grandparents are basically waiting for THE phone call, per People magazine.

And the stodgiest Grannie of all them all, Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly remarked, that she hopes the new little one arrives before she peaces out for her annual holiday to Balmoral.

So what happens when the Duchess goes into labor? How will we know?

Well there will be a police presence outside of the hospital. And there is an actual statement that she has in fact gone into labor.

Then once she is delivered of the little boy/girl, they will rush an announcement to Buckingham Palace that is placed in a placard outside of the palace stating just that.

And then!!! When the family leaves the hospital, they'll stand on the steps where Wills parents stood when he was born. So we will actually get to see the baby!!

In other words, the Royal family do baby announcements right.

As you can also imagine, I've been glued to People and the Daily Mail for tidbits.

And I have name combos picked out. What are yours?

My current name combos are:

Boy - George/Charles/James/Albert
Girl - Elizabeth/Alexandra/Diana/Charlotte

I really like Alexandra and George the best.

We will see!

Are you as delighted as I am? 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I still struggle.

Made to Crave [Day 44] Thought for the Day: It's easy to do the right things when we see immediate results. But sometimes it pleases God more to do the right thing even when the results are not so immediate. 

I am down to my last 12-15 pounds. I do really well during the week, but the weekends are my trouble areas. I still workout on the weekends, in fact my longer runs are always on Sunday and I make sure to hit a Pure Barre class on Saturday.

BUT. I still struggle with what I eat.

I know that there are some people out there who have "broken up" with the scale. I am not one of those people. I still want to hit my goal. And I still think my goal is attainable.

However, I have to admit when I step on the scale on Fridays and it doesn't say what I want it to say, I get frustrated.

I am in the middle of persevering to the end of my journey. This year has been much harder for me than last year was.

I don't see the results that I used to and I am stubborn.

Being stubborn is a national past time in my family, it seems. And yes, it is a good thing to continue to get back up when I fall down again. It is not a good thing to make a bad choice in the food department because I didn't get my way with the scale.

The scale isn't the problem. It's the person standing on it.

When I let go of reaching for food to console, congratulate, encourage, etc me, then I will move forward.

I have got to be stubborn, but in the right way. I think a better word for this is persevere.

Anyways, this is why I haven't been posting weight updates. I'm stuck and I'm not happy about it. I just thought sharing would be a good thing because I am sure someone has been here before me. So solidarity sister!

What are some things that motivated you to the end? What pushed you forward? Any favorite sayings or healthy truths?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • Growing up, it was ingrained into our heads that American made cars were the only way to go. Making a suggestion to buy otherwise is still considered absurd and offensive. Living in Michigan has sealed this life choice for me.
  • We watched Never Been Kissed on Saturday night after grilling burgers and some time at the pool. It was the perfect end to the day.
  • I look like an absolute fool in Pure Barre because I'm not flexible. But I still love it. 
  • I am officially registered for my LAST semester of law school!!!!!
  • I will never hear Don't Stop Believing again without thinking of Cory Monteith.
  • Only 151 days until life can go back to normal. Well, as normal as life can be when one is about to start studying for the b*ar. 
  • Speaking of the b*ar, I need  to start writing some posts ahead of time. I still state up front now that it will be a miracle if I read ANY blogs, tweets or Instas then. You've been warned. 
  • I woke up early this morning and started my day with some Greek yogurt, a California peach and some time in the Word with the Lord. It's gonna be a good day. 
Happy Monday! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not a Witness for Jesus!

Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet my Manzo partner-in-crime, Rachel. She's a native Michigander. We met up for lunch at Big Salad in Novi. (Side Note: Big Salad is this wonderful place where you pick ingredients for a salad and they mix it all together and chop it up for you! The portions are a little on the bigger side, but somehow I manage to eat it all when I go.)

The first thing I noticed about Rachel is that she is TALL.

I guess one of the things I didn't realize I do is assume that my friends in my phone, as my husband calls them, are the same height as me. I'm 5'4'' on a good day. I figure everyone else has the same problem. She is 5'9'' and I remember thinking how tall Griffin is going to be when he is a young man.

My sister Jess was with me and we immediately got to talking about how cute Rachel looked. She was wearing Target head to toe including this absolutely darling purse that Jessi has been trying to find ever since. (She also may or may not have emailed Target about the said purse.)

We talked about...

  • the latest twitter baby boom and how I consider the new HRH to be part of that group. 
  • how I might name a kid after the new HRH.
  • our favorite things we've found via the blog world. 
  • Big Brother 15 and the live feeds. 
  • how we know that Megan really loves Caroline Manzo.
  • sweet Griffin and his swim lessons. 
And everything in between!

Before we knew it, two hours had passed and Rachel had to go pick up Griffin for a dinner date. And I needed to go be a witness. But not for Jesus. For a trial skills class.

It was a total blast and I cannot wait to meet up with Rachel again before we leave Michigan!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I live with the Pinterest Queen.

Since I'm basically biding my time until the newest HRH arrives, I'll regal you with the goings on in Michigan since Jessi and her 3,337 Vera Bradley bags arrived....

During Jessi's freshman year, she would ask me questions about all things college. For some reason she thought I was this fount of knowledge on all things college.

(Side note: We lived together her freshman year and half of her sophomore year in college.)

And don't get me wrong, I was happy to help to a certain extent. But if I had to sink or swim in my freshman year of college, so did Jessi.

If she didn't know how to apply for different school stuff. My response? Google it.

If she didn't know where to start on research? Google it.

I began to roll my eyes when she'd ask a question.

The number for Pizza Shuttle? GOOGLE. IT. 

And at some point, she began to stop asking questions.

She figured out that she didn't need me to figure out the name of the actress from Law and Order SVU episode we had watched while coloring and eating grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup from Couch Cafe. It was easily found through the Google.

And yes, if you're wondering, this skill is vital not only for graduation, but for life as well.

It shows initiative.

Fast forward to 2010. And the invention of Pinterest.

It was if my training for the Google prepared her for the beast that is Pinterest.

That being said, I don't do Pinterest. I was in my first year of law school. I couldn't let myself commit to it. So I'm on protest.

Jessi on the other hand took it upon herself to become the Pinterest Queen.

She'd send me a picture of a cute shirt. I'd ask where she found it. Pinterest.

She'd show me a workout she'd done. I'd ask where she found it. Pinterest.

She'd show me nursery ideas. And of course I asked. And yes, it was from Pinterest.

Well, now the Pinterest Queen lives with me. And I thought I'd heard her say she needed to get on Pinterest to solve the problem for everything, until tonight.

The mosquitoes are especially bad thanks to the monsoons we've experienced the last few weeks. We've cursed and swatted at so many mosquitoes, we've lost count at this point. We're averaging at least 3-12 new bites a day.

After counting her newest mosquito bites, she announces to me in a huff, "I have GOT to get on the Pinterest to figure out a home remedy for my mosquito bites."

Because let's be honest, if the Pinterest Queen can't solve your mosquito woes, then nobody can.

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mumblings....

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • My sister Jess loves this post. When I write it, I usually think about what she'll find the funniest. I always imagine her in her room reading it late at night. It is weird to be writing this two weeks in a row with her feet from me. 
  • Yesterday my sister was texting during the previews of a movie. The "Be Sure to Turn Off Your Cellphone" commercial came on. This guy behind us leans down and tells Jess "Make sure your cell phone is turned off." Who died and left that guy the Movie Etiquette King? The movie hadn't started yet! His wife leaned over to him and said, "Did you really have to do that?" His comment definitely put us in a mood for the first twenty minutes of the movie. What a jerk!
  • I am at the point where I check the Daily Mail, the Royal websites and twitter accounts hourly. 
  • I'm looking for a 5K/10K to run in Arkansas in August. Anyone know of any races then?
  • I need to organize the extra room like yesterday. I hope that cleaning/purge urge comes soon. 
  • Dawson's Creek watching has commenced. 
  • Yesterday's run was awesome. I ran 5 miles in under 53 minutes which was a little goal I made with myself at the beginning of my run. It was a 10:26 pace. I love competing with myself like that and I'm determined to knock my pace down this year before my next big race.
  • One of my prayers for Arkansas is to find a women's running group and a park like the ones here. I feel so much peace when I'm running here and I hope to find that in Arkansas as well. 
  • If it's possible, I think Sugar's farts reached a new level of vile this week. 
Happy Monday! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Few 4th of July pictures...

I started out the day with a quick 2 miler. I woke up late and while it wasn't terrible hot, it was SUPER muggy.
I was dripping with sweat when I got back for sure.

A couple of girls from law school came over for lunch...and dinner later. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, pasta salad, BCR (Bacon, Cheddar, & Ranch) dip, veggies, guacamole, french onion dip, chips, watermelon, brownies, and cinnamon rolls.

I decorated our sidewalk with festive sidewalk chalking. I may start writing quotes on the sidewalk.
We hit up the pool. I still really like the Straw-ber-rita's that Bud Light has out. And yes, I've read the Crossfire series thus far. I'm not really sure how she can stretch this out into 5 books. I think 4 should be it. But we'll see.

Lastly, this was the 4th of July last year. I'm not sure where I was weight wise at that point, BUT. I just want to say that if you're on a weight loss journey, JUST KEEP GOING. Hard work pays off. I can promise you that.
I hope y'all had a great 4th of July!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Running Update...

So this week I was supposed to run another half. But after Brandon left for Arkansas, I just felt off. Not physically, but emotionally.

I still feel this way.

He and I are a team. Right now I'm operating one man down.

Plus when he left, it was on the tail end of my post race running blues. Mine last about two weeks. It just seemed to continue once he left.

(Side Note: How do you beat your post-race blues?)

I still managed to get my 10 mile run in that I needed, but the closer I got, the more I felt like I'd lose my mind without Brandon at the finish line.

And did I mention I was still struggling with runner's block?

I tried all my tricks.

I even bought a few things to help turn the tide. Nothing.

Then finally I decided to just let myself think that I wasn't going to run the race for 24 hours.

During the next 24 hours, I bought new shoes and went for a run. I decided it was for the best that I didn't run the race if it made me that eager to run again.

So now I am in training mode again, but I'm not sure what race I'll run in Tulsa.

A half or a full....marathon.

Happy Friday!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

It's July. That means the Royal Baby is due any day now! GAME ON.

During Pure Barre on Thursday morning, I started to wig out about how "off" my running has been lately.

I also noticed how taking a week off of things makes such a difference.

I feel super sluggish and not where I was before I left before Oklahoma.

But at the same time, I was super pumped about the fact that I had the hunger again for running. I also thought about how I was starting over in a sense with Pure Barre, but not entirely, because I have a base of working out there as well.

I cannot wait to continue to watch the transformation to my body. I still have 12 pounds to my goal weight, but at this point, it's about toning up and taking good shape.

I have a theory as to why Kimye haven't released photos yet. The majority of it has to do with the fact that Kanye might be the most egotistical person in the Western hemisphere. He also happens to be intensely private. I'm sure this is why Kris and he do not get along all that well. She makes her money by being in the press. He makes his money by his "craft" and I use that term very loosely. (Side note: Don't interpret that last statement as me being pro-Taylor Swift either. Girl can write, but she can't sing live.) I just think Kanye is a dirtbag.


If Kimye's grand plan includes releasing photos around the time the Royal Baby is born in an attempt to get more press, I might lose it.

I am already very embarrassed by how much I want to see this kid and an actual spread of Kim at home.

But if they really are that vain to think they can outsell the Royals, well then celebrity vanity has reached a whole new level.

Also, yes, in case you were wondering, I do realize how ridiculous it is that I actually thought about this and wrote it out for the world to see. 
I don't know if it is the summer time or the fact that my sister is here, but I don't feel the need to check in on the Twitter or Instagram as much.

We are going to Disney World after I take the bar. It's a celebration of our hard work these past three years in school.

So I need your recommendations on dining plans, park passes, etc.

It has been raining cats and dogs since we've been back in Michigan and I am OVER. IT.

As in I'm about to come out of my skin because I'm so irritated with myself. It's a very dramatic situation. 

Also, if Jessi and I go missing, it won't be due to bad guys. It'll be due to all the dang mosquitoes that are biting us daily. I think they would carry us off if they could!


I eat on Grannie time. AKA I eat breakfast at 8, lunch at noon and supper at 5-6ish. 7 is pushing it. I'm gonna have to win Jessi over on this policy. I cannot be eating after 8pm.

What is so great about Lulemon? I see all the Pure Barre girls wearing it. I think it's cute. I just can't get past the price tag. Do they ever have decent sales? Also, are the studios the only places you can buy it? 

What's going on in your world?

Happy Monday! 
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