Friday, June 28, 2013

My High School Reunion in Pictures

Bright and early Wednesday morning, I got up and got dressed for my flight. Since I was up at BCD (butt crack of dawn) I figured I should at least document the momentus occasion of an airport bathroom self portrait. (And NO, for the record, I do not like the word, "selfie," hence, the self portrait.) Everything is of course from my beloved Old Navy, save the flip-flops. Those are a Cabela's special. I like to keep things classy around here folks.  One plane ride with a stop in St. Louis later...   

I was in Oklahoma! My daddy and baby brother picked me up. My dad won a Jaguar about a month ago at the casino. It is legit cool. We went for some chili dogs at Chet's in Muskogee. If you're ever in the area and are in need of heartburn, I recommend you pop some Zantac (acid reflux medicine for those of you who don't suffer) and treat yourself. You will not be sorry!

I had ants in my pants once we finished lunch because I was super excited to pick up my new car! This isn't the best picture of me, but my daddy isn't exactly in touch with the art of IG pictures. I still was super proud to take this photo because I grew up watching my daddy take pictures of customers with their first new car. It was a "big girl" moment for me, for sure. I am still tossing around name and gender ideas. You see I'm torn between Walter P. in Walter P. Chrysler, founder of Chrysler Motors, or Chief Chickadee the Chrysler. Obviously, my car could be a girl or a boy. It's living life in a very confused state right now. I'm sure he/she would appreciate your prayers.

I don't know about y'all, but when I go on vacation, I treat myself. Mostly, because the places I go, have foods that Michigan does not. Plus, I have worked hard for over a year and a half now. Lots of people run for certain reasons, me, I run so I can eat a Speedway Special Cheeseburger. So on Thursday, I did just that. I also got to enjoy it with some of my favorite people from Muskogee too!

That afternoon, I went by my sister's work to pick up an Oklahoma Disaster Relief shirt and I also had this little gem made. Isn't she cute?

I then made a stop at Morgan's Bakery for some Four O'Clocks. I bought four of them, because "Four, four o'clocks, please!" is really fun to say!
Friday morning, AKA the first day of summer, my baby sister and I went for a 3 miler. It was hot and the humidity is just as I remember it - awful. We went home and drank water like camels and then we headed to town for lunch with Jessi and Will. It was just the four siblings and that was fun and something we don't get to do all that often. I think it was one of my favorite times of the trip. I am blessed by these three because they're among the kindest, most giving, and loving people I know. We also happen to laugh a LOT whenever we're together. It is wonderful to say that we are friends too. 

Before I knew it, it was time for the main event of the weekend, my high school reunion! I was so happy when I got to see this guy after a week! He cleans up so nice huh!

I think everyone that was there had a ball on Friday night. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and only a little surreal to see good friends like Jess close to having her second baby. The other surreal part was that we are all more than old enough to order a drink from the bar. 

My other favorite part of the weekend, was seeing all of my best friends from high school. Yes, I was one of THOSE girls who had all guy friends. I did learn what good friendship with girls looked like in college just in case you were wondering. In my defense though, I was a football trainer and they all played on the football team. It was only natural. Not to mention the fact that I've known all of these boys since first grade. Also, our mommas are really good friends. In any event, my favorite memories from high school always include these guys. We all are still really good friends to this day. We can't get together as much as we'd like, but whenever we are, it is always a great time! All of us, save Brad, are married now. I love all of their wives and count them among friends as well and it's all due to my pals from high school. From left to right, Luke, Brad, Me, Buddy and Will.
And speaking of wives... y'all know Megan! We posted this picture on IG and I guess we thought everyone knew how we knew each other. But apparently, they didn't. So long story short, Megan married Luke from the picture above. I knew her in the stone ages aka before we had blogs! In fact, we knew each other when everyone had Xangas! Luke was in my wedding and I was in theirs. Megan makes me laugh a lot and I value that greatly in a good friend. Now that we're moving back, I'm looking forward to being near her and her family again.

Before Saturday evening's festivities, we hit up Sam and Ella's for some pizza. If you're ever in the Tahlequah area, make sure to make a stop!

We also got to see one of our sorority sisters this weekend. She is one of those girls I talked about above. Her name is Carrie. I think she's going to make the trek up this fall with some of our other best friends as well.

Dad had to have a family shot post-church. No we didn't plan the stripes. I thought we'd all wind up wearing blue because I saw everyone but my sisters that morning before church. We still managed to be in sync nonetheless.

My family is one of those families that we all tease each other in good fun. Well, it seems that when we're all together I'm a target. Brandon and Will love to gang up on the girls, more specifically me. I told Will that some day, his wife would be sitting with his sisters and he better not forget it. He and Brandon kindly reminded us that Jessi's and Loren's husbands would be sitting with them. To which the girls replied, "BRING. IT. ON." For now, you get this shot of them making fun of my hand on my hip.
These last pictures are a tribute to the saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."
While we were getting ready to take the pretty picture y'all saw above, we were busy gabbing. Okay fine, I was busy trying to tell the boys what to do and they were trying to ignore me and get me to be quiet so we could hurry and take the picture. Megan thankfully got us in action doing what we do. It's my favorite photo from the weekend because it makes me think of the photo below...
This is me and Brad. I remember this conversation like it was yesterday. Brad was late. AS USUAL. And it was cramping my Type-A personality because I had a plan for how the evening was going to go. Being late wasn't part of the plan. Brad, was trying to tell me that it wasn't because of him that 8 people were late. So I was telling him what we should do, and he was trying to ignore me and get me to be quiet. (PS, can we pause for a moment and appreciate the fact that I can fit into that dress again! Thank you Weight Watchers!)My dad captured this shot. 
 Like I said, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

That time that Vera Bradley's 3,337 bags came to Michigan.

My daddy, and husband and brother for that matter, have long held the opinion that one can in fact have too much Vera Bradley.

Obviously, my sisters, momma and I hold a different view on the matter. Yesterday we received the vindication we waited for every so patiently.

But I'm getting ahead of myself....

As you know, we're moving to Arkansas. But what you don't know are the details and bells and whistles of the deal.

Brandon packed up and headed out about two weeks ago now. He's been working for almost two weeks with his new job.

The way it all worked out was that I'd be in Oklahoma soon after he left because of my high school reunion. (I'll have a post on that tomorrow most likely.)

But before he left, we were looking at two issues:
  1. He needed a new vehicle.
  2. I was going to live by myself. 
I called my dad about the vehicle issue and it worked out that we both got new vehicles!

But the part about me living by myself, well no one was crazy about.

My sister, Jessi, is currently finishing up some last prerequisites before nursing school. But she won't be able to start nursing school until next fall. And if she takes those prerequisites in the spring, she would still be able to start in the fall.

So I asked if she would like to come spend the next 6 months with me. I told her she could work and save up some money.

And it would be like her freshman year of college all over again. (We lived together that year FYI.) She'd get to experience Michigan for herself. Michigan is a wonderful magical place from now until December.

And I wouldn't be up here by myself.

She told me she'd think it over and let me know.

A few days later (although it felt like an eternity) she told me that she would be joining me in Michigan and that I wouldn't have to be afraid of the Boogey Man.

I headed to Oklahoma few days later, had a great time and then it was time to pack.

This past Tuesday morning, we loaded up my new car (name STILL to be determined by the way!) with approximately every Vera Bradley bag she owned. The only bag that wasn't Vera was a bag that carried her purses.

(Side note: Jessi has a shoe and purse fetish that would put some Real Housewives to shame.)

I should note that one of the purse options she brought was Vera.

Either way, she was able to finally prove to our dad that yes, all of those Vera Bradley bags are in fact, necessary.

I'd say Jessi's off to a stellar start in Michigan.

And we are gonna have a ball!

Here we are all loaded up and ready to go. We look 'rachet' as my baby sister would say, but it was early and we had been crying. I am sorry to say that we did not document 3,337 Vera Bradley bags. But no worries when we move and I use my 3,337 Vera Bradley bags, we'll make sure to get a shot. Because let's be honest people, 6,674 Vera Bradley bags (...and counting) has got to be some kind of record, right?

We made sure to get some Sonic before we hit No Man's Land. P.S. We'd highly recommend the Peanut Butter Cookie shake. We would not, however, make that same recommendation for the Oreo Cheesecake shake. In fact, we'd give it a hard pass.

Happy Thursday!

In all seriousness, my little family would covet your prayers in the next few months. Being away from one another has sucked a big one already. We want to be present and enjoy the beginning of Arkansas and end of Michigan. We are looking forward to our next adventure and chapter of our lives. We're just ready for those things to be together.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Healthy Train. Blog of the Week. And other stuff.

This Week's Loss: 1.4 pounds
Total Loss: 77 pounds
Starting Weight: 239 pounds
Current Weight: 162 pounds!! (I used to weigh this in high school!)
Pounds to goal weight: 12 pounds!!!

What I noticed was different about my body: For the first time in my life, I'm starting to get some arm muscles. Thank you Pure Barre!

Workouts I did this week: 4 times at Pure Barre, a 2 miler, and a 10 miler.

Favorite Song of the Week: "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mya, and Lil' Kim

Personal Goal for this week: Getting in as many runs as possible to offset all the bad food I'm having in Oklahoma this weekend.

What I’m looking forward to: Being with family, a Speedway Special, driving my new car, and hanging out with my husband!


Blog of the Week

Today I'm featured as the Blog of the Week on Munchkinland Designs! I'm really excited about this opportunity. Click on the button above to check it out.

I highly recommend Jenn for all your blog design needs. She is WONDERFUL and cares about her clients. 

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd use the code BOTWSam on your order form to get 5% off your order. This code is good for a week.

Part of the life changes going on around this joint include getting new cars. I got a 2013 Chrysler 200. I need a car name. Something that starts with a "Ch" and is Southern and posh as in British. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Here's a shot for inspiration purposes. And yes, I put the heart photo effect on the picture.

What's going on in your world?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Running Playlist of Epic Proportions

I did it. I came up with a running playlist of songs from my high school years. I graduated in 2003. I started my sophomore year in 2000. Just in case you needed a time frame.

Also, you're welcome.

  1. "There You Go" - P!nk
  2. "It's Gonna Be Me" - N Sync
  3. "Independent Women Part I" - Destiny's Child
  4. "Country Grammar" - Nelly
  5. "She Bangs" - Ricky Martin
  6. "Thong Song" - Sisqo
  7. "Oops..I Did It Again!" -Britney Spears
  8. "All the Small Things" -blink-182
  9. "Jumpin' Jumpin'" - Destiny's Child
  10. "Bye Bye Bye" -N Sync
  11. "Lady Marmalade" - Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, and P!nk
  12. "Where the Party At" - Jagged Edge feat. Nelly
  13. "Irresistible" -Jessica Simpson
  14. "I Wanna Be Bad" - Willa Ford
  15. "I'm a Believer" - Smash Mouth
  16. "Jaded" - Aerosmith
  17. "Drive" - Incubus
  18. "Love Don't Cost a Thing" - Jennifer Lopez
  19. "Get the Party Started" -P!nk
  20. "Ms. Jackson" -OutKast
  21. "Get Ur Freak On" -Missy Elliott
  22. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" - Eve feat. Gwen Stefani
  23. "Hit Em Style" -Eve Cantrell
  24. "Survivor" -Destiny's Child
  25. "Izzo" (H.O.V.A.) - Jay-Z
  26. "When It's Over" -Sugar Ray
  27. "Kryptonite" -3 Doors Down
  28. "Butterfly" - Crazy Town
  29. "I'm a Slave 4 U" -Britney Spears
  30. "Pop" -N Sync
  31. "Ride Wit Me" (feat. City Spud) - Nelly
  32. "Bootylicious" -Destiny's Child
And this is just from 2000-2001. 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • Kim and Kanye's baby girl is here. Lord help us all. 
  • I couldn't go for my long run yesterday because my next door neighbor decided to block the neighborhood in with his giant moving truck. So I have to run my ten miles on the dreadmill today. 
  • Also, my dogs were holy terrors yesterday while he was loading things up. They kept hearing noises and would go to the door constantly. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for their instincts, but it was aggravating to say the least. I also wasn't exactly appreciative of the neighbor standing out on the sidewalk barking orders either.
  • I've been listening to songs from high school this week. It's been a riot. I might make a playlist. 
  • Adam Levine is nice to look at. 
  • The Swon Brothers used to sing with Carrie Underwood at the Downtown Country Show in my hometown. I saw all three before they were huge. That's cool whether you like them or not. 
  • On the reminiscing meets The Voice note, I miss Carson Daly and TRL.
  • I'm getting sucked back into Candy Crush. 
Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running Confessions

I ran six miles on Sunday. That's all I've ran since my half.
I haven't been interested in running otherwise. I think I've got post-race blues. I knew that this would happen and it's one of the reasons why I signed myself up for another half so shortly after so I would stay motivated and on track. I am kicking myself over this somewhat and glad I did it at the same time.

I've been thinking about the fact that I need to run -hello! half-marathon in another two weeks!- and how I could get myself out of this funk. Thankfully, I had runner's style envy over running skirts while I ran that half. I ordered one a few days after the race and it came today.

Helloooooo running motivation!

And yes, I admit that sometimes what gets me out the door is the fact that I have new clothes or shoes to try out. I'm not above it, nor do I have shame about it.

And on a vain retail-motivated note, I get way more excited than necessary about a new pair of running shoes. As in, I MIGHT obsessively look at my potential new shoes at least once a day.


And guess who is due for new shoes the day after her half-marathon???


And speaking of shoes, I have decided to start alternating between a neutral shoe and a stability shoe. With the weight loss and me getting further into this whole runnig thing, my pronation has naturally started to correct itself.

So I'll be wearing a Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s and Mizuno Wave Riders 16s.

I am seriously considering training for a full blown marathon.

Back to the new shoes thing, there are new Mizuno colors that come out July 5th. I'm not sure when the new models come out, but they're out soon too!!

I realize how nerdy this obsession is, just in case you were wondering.


Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Arkansan, Arkansawyer, or Arkansawian?

Dear citizens of Arkansas,

Do y'all call yourselves Arkansans, Arkansawyers or Arkansawians, this part-Michigander-Oklahoman needs to know because....


Details to come soon.


A Sooner who will NEVER root for or call the Hogs.

P.S. Do you know of a good women's running group? 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bic Bands: A Five Star Review

I was not asked by Bic Bands to write this review. I just really am impressed with their product.

As you know, I wear a doo-rag when I run. I wore them initially because I had short hair and it was an easy way to keep my hair out of my face.

Then I just didn't stop because it worked. Also, I'm a spaz who usually gets headaches when I wear headbands so I never tried a band while running.

I finally took the plunge and bought a Bic Band. I love supporting companies that take supporting those around them seriously. Bic Bands is all about that! They support the  Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on the regular and currently have a band that all proceeds fund the One Fund! So Bic Bands got a star for that!

Their second star came when I opened the package. One of the ladies that works at Bic Bands thanked me for the purchase and wished me a Happy National Running Day! I appreciated that they took the time to write the thank you. They also included a cool decal that looks like a girl running.

Third star came when I tried the band on because if I can't wear it resting, then how am I going to wear it when I'm running? I ordered the standard 20" size. It fits perfectly and I wore it all day with no trouble. I didn't have a headache at all! It also didn't move around either. It fit just right and I got tons of compliments while out and about on Saturday.

The fourth star came when I tried it out while running. I didn't even notice it was on. It also didn't move while I ran either. This was a HUGE plus!! It makes me want to grow my hair out for longer ponytails instead of my short stubs I've got going on right now.

The fifth and final star is that I got compliments on it! Listen, I know it sounds vain, but my women's group that I run with has all ages. Everyone from me (28 years) to women in their 70s. The mid to older women are the most boss runners of us all by the way. I totally want to be them some day. As you might imagine there are lots of opinions about runner fashion too. So if everyone liked it, I'm pretty sure that is a major win! 

Overall, I love my very first Bic Band and I will be a definite customer in the future!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • This past Saturday at Pure Barre, Killing Me Softly with Lauryn Hill came on during a stretch portion of the workout. The entire room sang along. 
  • Life is crazy right now. I'll tell you about it soon. God is really good. He blows me away when he moves every time.
  • The West Wing is probably one of my all-time favorite shows ever and I'm not even done watching the series.
  • Hillary Clinton is now on The Twitter. If you don't follow her or even like her, still do me a solid and read her bio section. It is awesome, will make you smile, and is a level of badass that one can only hope to be someday no matter what side of the aisle you believe in.
  • I finally worked to make it possible to clean up my house again on Mondays like I used to and man it feels good to be sitting in a clean house right now. 
  • I'd like to get a pedicure, but my feet are trash because of the running and I don't want to hear about it from the ladies at the nail salon. 
  • I've got a post about BooMama's book coming later this week. As you might guess, I loved the book. LOVED. IT. 
  • I watched Mamma Mia today while I cleaned. (One of my sisters rolled her eyes at that sentence. The other sister smiled.) 
  • I just got ready for the second time today and looked pretty decent. Then I leaned over to paint my toes and got deodorant on my knee. It's crap like that makes me wonder why I even bother. 
  • I painted my toes red with sparkles, if you're curious. Gots to get my patriotic on.
  • A Harry Potter and Dawson's Creek marathon will be in my life very soon. I can feel it. 
How is your Monday?

Happy Monday y'all!! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Healthy Train Update

It's been awhile since I've done a report. In fact, it's been a month. I didn't realize that was the case.

This Week's Loss: 2 pounds
Total Loss: 75.6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!
Starting Weight: 239 pounds
Current Weight: 163.4
Pounds to goal weight: 13.4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!

What I noticed was different about my body: It is really hard to lose weight when training for a race especially in the last few weeks. I also took this month to figure out what I could change that was practical and most beneficial to my weight loss journey. I noticed that I tend to struggle the most on the weekends. But during the week, I can stay on it like nobody's business. So I've changed my weigh-in days to Friday mornings.

Workouts I did this week: Half marathon and Pure Barre twice. I let myself have a break from running this week.

Favorite Song of the Week: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell

Personal Goal for this week: Get back into the swing of my running schedule and hit up Pure Barre as much as possible. I really am starting to fall into love with PB as much as running.

What I’m looking forward to: I get to see family very soon!!

How is everyone else doing on their weight loss journey?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

On taking breaks during running...

I was asked this past Sunday, "Do you use the Galloway method, or run straight thru, or walk as needed?"

I don't use the Galloway method, although, I know what it is.

I don't run straight thru either.

I live by six rules my first running buddy gave me. 

1. Walk the water stations. For some people, water stations happen every two miles, others every 4-5 miles during training. Whatever you're used to, do that on race day. For me, my water stations set up by my coach are every two miles or so. I run to the water jug, fill up my cup and then start a brisk walk while I drink the water. Once the water is gone, I start running again. The rest while walking is good for rejuvenating my muscles and I feel refreshed.

2. Walk when you refuel. The same rule applies for refueling. If you fuel at miles 5-6 and 10-11, then fuel at miles 5-6 and 10-11 on Race day. Establish patterns and routines so that you're used to them on race day. I walk when I refuel because I have a hard time breathing while trying to eat something and run.

3. Talk or sing to check your pace. If I'm struggling, I'll hit a song that I know I'll want to sing along to and I belt it out. It helps me realize how far I can go and it also usually gives me a bit of a runner's high. More importantly, it's good to do this to see how hard your body is working or if you can crank it up a notch.

4. You're in training so slow down your long runs. I know this might seem like a little bit crazy, but part of your training is simply getting your body used to being active for however many miles you're doing that day and then on race day. Be good to your body.

5. Use your short runs to pick up the pace. One of the ways you can work on speed work with your long runs is to do it during your short runs. You work different muscles and all of them will come into play on race day. So use every run as an opportunity to work different muscles.

6. Give it all you got on Race Day! This one is self-explanatory, but you'll have so many emotions running through you on the big day and it is a huge accomplishment. Make sure when you cross that finish line that you're proud of the work you've done. 

I hope this helps. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask! I love talking about running!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...

I usually mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. And people are used to it. However, I wrote a blog post about my second half yesterday, so I switched it up and even used alliteration in the process. It's cool. I'm legit.

  • I got a new blog look courtesy of the lovely Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs. She always does such a wonderful job. This time I told her I wanted simple and neon. And girlfriend delivered. 
  • Have you seen the new Erin Condren Life Planners? I have to admit I really want one of the gold editions, but dang $75 is STEEP.
  • I want to do a blog post on Made to Crave, but there are just so many things I'm learning and I don't think I've fully processed it yet. I have a feeling it is just going to hit me one day and the words will just come spewing out of me. 
  • I'm sitting here waiting for the UPS man to deliver my copy of BooMama's book. I also have to leave for a hair appointment in seven minutes. He better deliver fast because I want to read that book while I get my hurr did. 
  • I also feel a blog post regarding my hair coming on soon too. I know it's a first world problem like my water heater deciding to die when I needed a hot shower post-half marathon yesterday, but still. Someone somewhere might care. Or maybe my kids will read this one day and say, "Well my momma was as anal about her hair then as she is now. So there's that." Or maybe not. 
  • Another blog post I need to write is about my dogs. Sugar and Pais are HILARIOUS and their shenanigans should be documented as well. 
  • No UPS man. Sad panda. (Even though I don't really know what that means.)
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Numero Dos: Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran my second half-marathon. The biggest thing that I noticed about yesterday was how far I've come since last fall.

My first half-marathon was VERY mental for me. I struggled at every mile and constantly thought about how much further I had to go. Towards the end of that race I mentally struggled with thinking I couldn't do it. I missed my last long run last fall and I think it was something that really messed with me on race day. I was super proud of myself when I crossed that finish line, but I also stopped and started way more than I wanted.

This half-marathon during my training period, I made sure to hit all of my long runs, work hard on pacing, fueling, and water stations. And that hard work and dedication paid off.

I have a new PR of 2:25:20 unofficially. That's a 10:58 pace.

Last fall, my time was 2:52:41. That was a 12:57 pace.

So for me, this race was about proving to myself that hard work and dedication MATTERS.

I feel like I'm really starting to figure out how running works for me. That's what I kept thinking yesterday.

I enjoyed the scenery and when I hit a mile marker, I listened to my time and went back to running. It was strictly business.

The one thing that had the potential to mess with me royally was the fact that at the starting line literally, I realized that I didn't have any gum on me. I was ready to run to the parking lot, but then I remembered that my husband had dropped me off and was probably already back in Ann Arbor. The race started and I wasn't brave enough to ask anyone if they had any gum on them. It was one of those things that was just out of my control. This is something that I've been challenged by God with a lot lately. I just resolved to rely on God and make sure I was good and hydrated at each water station.

The only time it was mental for me was at Mile 12, but not because I didn't think I could do it. Along the course there were signs posted with different sayings to make you laugh or smile. But the last one was all about the heart of the running community:"Run if you can. Walk if you must. But finish strong for Boston."

To say that I about lost it was an understatement. I sucked down my tears, cranked up my music and literally rounded the corner to the last mile of the race.

I saw my running coach, but I didn't see Brandon. He saw me though and got a video of me sprinting towards the finish line. I always know that he is proud of me, but I tear up about it when he shows it to me in little ways like making those videos.

Last fall I was proud of myself because it was my first time to run a half-marathon. And I will never forget that feeling. I proved to myself that I could do it.

This time, because I knew I could do it, I wanted to prove to myself that I could improve and be on my way to being serious about this whole running business.

I feel like I am starting to get to that point.


I wore:
  • my doorag
  • a New Balance shirt (yellow and purple for my sister's favorite colors)
  • Old Navy compression shorts
  • Balega neon yellow socks
  • my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s
  • a fuel pack with my GU
  • my knee band
  • and my arm band is from Target. 
I also ran with my iPod.  

The expo for this race was very small. But then again, so was this race. There were a little over 5,000 runners for the entire race. There was a 5K, a 10K, and the Half.

I will say that there were some sunglasses that caught my eye, but I resisted because I didn't want to try something new on race day. I do however, want to purchase some at some point because the sun does mess with me to some degree. So it was good to shop and see some options.

I picked up some GU's while I was there. I don't know if I have mentioned that I've switched from chews to GU's but I have. It is still taking some time for my tummy to adjust, but I am getting there. Yesterday, at about mile 7 my tummy started grumbling, but I was able to relax myself and I didn't have to stop to use the loo.


This was my first point-to-point race. I started in Dexter and ran to Ann Arbor. The start was in downtown Dexter and the finish was in downtown Ann Arbor. It was very cool to hit the city limits of Ann Arbor. Lots of people had stopped to take a picture, but I kept running because taking a picture while running takes coordination and that is something that I do not have a level of skill in. 

The scenery was great! One of the things I love most about Michigan is how green it is in the summer time. I ran along the Huron River Drive and it was nothing but green, green, and more green the entire time.

The downsides? There is a major hill at Mile 7. And truthfully, throughout the course it was somewhat hilly. In fact, a buddy of mine ran it last year and she said she would never do it again because it was so bad. Thankfully, I didn't really notice them.  


The other downside to this race? I had to run up the other massive hill in the race to the finish line. It's part of just living in the area, but dang, I wasn't a fan. I usually try to reserve a last surge for the home stretch and it was very hard to do in this race.  I didn't get to sprint until the point 1 of 13.1.

But crossing it 27 minutes faster than I did last time felt super sweet! And earning the right to my medal and wearing my shirt felt awesome too!


As always if you have ANY questions about running, just ask! I love talking about it!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Change-Up or two...

You'll notice that I haven't been posting about my weight loss journey recently. I'm still working hard, but I'm going through a bit of a plateau. So I'm trying a few things to break through it.

One of the things I'm doing is moving my weigh-in day to Friday. My former weigh-in day was Tuesday. Now it's not.

One of the things I'm learning over and over again about this journey is that there are no shortcuts. I have to work hard at every aspect. Running comes easily for me, but I am still working on my temptations with food.

I've noticed some workout patterns and eating patterns and so I am trying to work with those rather than against them.

Just wanted to give this update.

Happy Saturday and Happy June!!

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