Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.


I was in a serious running funk this week. No scratch that. I was in a serious funk in general this week. I didn't run a lot, and I think the two are related. The funk and lack of running that is.


Posted this on Instagram yesterday, but I wanted to have it on my blog as well.

Went to go pick up some peonies like I always do around this time of year. (Peonies are my favorite flower.) I get them because they only bloom in May and June. Brandon and I started dating June 20.


Whole Foods didn't have a decent peony to save their life. BUT. They had dozens of bouquets like this. These are my wedding flowers to a "T." I couldn't pass them up. So if you were curious about my wedding flowers...or not. Here they are.

I touched on Costco a little bit yesterday. But Y'ALL. It is amazing.

They have bulk organic at decent prices. It comes pre-packaged into smaller portions, so we don't have to separate things out when we get home.

I am obsessed with the workout stuff I got. Same for Brandon as well. Got him a new shirt, new socks, new underwears and it was only $20!!

And their produce!! Oh the produce. I seriously might make out with that department some day.

Lastly, they have the most scrumptious oven roasted turkey and sharp cheddar cheese I've ever tasted.

We had the best time just exploring the store and I foresee weekly trips in our future.

P.S. They have a great chicken salad as well. That plus some of the sharp cheddar cheese, bell peppers on a sandwich thin is WONDERFUL. 

One of my best pals, Jessika, is reading Harry Potter for the first time.

1. Based on what happened, I can tell how much left she has to go to finishing a book.

2. It makes me want to re-read the series. Again.

3. She has no idea who Luna Lovegood is and I can't wait for her to meet her. 


Happy Monday!


JMS said...

Peonies were my wedding bouquet (tho tulips are my fav flower). 7 years on 5/20 & I'm expecting 7 peonies- tradition around here. And I'm also in a funk- I've only run 9 miles this month & I'm depressed about it & in general but I cannot pull myself out. I'm doing the virtual joggermom marathon & I'm worried I won't finish. I also try to run more miles each month than the last & that just ain't going to happen now 13 days in with 9 under. And that makes me sad too. Vicious cycle.

Susannah said...

I freaking love Costco and their chicken salad!! You should try their Angie's Popcorn-sea salt! So good and only 4 PP for 4 cups!

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