Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend in Pictures.

This last week I had a doozy of a project due at school. It was due on Friday morning. I was finished with it early Thursday evening. But when I woke up Friday morning, I was still  happy happy happy.

After class, I ate lunch with my honey and my best pal B at this new salad place. It is worth noting that we also got a Starbucks in the same shopping center. This place already has a nail salon. No joke, I foresee a lot of quality time in the future. If my hair stylist moved to the area, I'd basically live there. No lie.

And speaking of my hair stylist...I got my hurr did on Friday afternoon.

I love it and it looks amazing! (I'm thinking this might be a new headshot for my blog!)

Friday night we went out for some Mexican. We finally found a decent Mexican restaurant. This was my date night outfit. I know what you're thinking, "Brandon got himself a hottie!" 

This is a better shot of my hair. This is also why I don't do the duck lips look. It's because I do it the best. And Kim K cries about it. 
I also have documented proof that I've been doing it longer. I was five years old here and thought I was a boss and tv star.
Saturday was spent doing more homework, going for a walk, watching a certain dog fight a nap on and off for about two hours.

Miss Sugar Ann has a sassy attitude. I have no idea where she gets it!

She finally passed out with Paisley by her side. It was precious.

Today I woke up for my long run. It was 8 miles that included 2 miles of hill repeats. My Nike GPS was crappy during the hill repeats with exercises in between the hill repeats and so I had to modify my run which I hate doing. My time is still getting better and I can't wait to try out the longer runs where I just run straight.

Came home and Brandon had prepared a rack of ribs, potatoes and veggies. It was delicious. I took my usual post-long run nap coma and we made a run to Old Navy. Came home and had a salad. We watched a little bit of Castle and now we're watching the ACM's getting ready for the week and doing more homework.

Hope your weekend was great!

Happy Sunday!

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