Friday, March 1, 2013

Staying motivated during yucky winter. And a giveaway.

I don't know about y'all but my motivation during this time of the year starts to wain right about now.

I went to my running group on Sunday for my long run of the week dreading it. Not because I don't like to run, but because I'm tired of running in this crap weather. And I still struggle with the weather affecting my general peppy self. Running helps this out a lot, but at a certain point, I have a hard time.

And in the interest of being held accountable which is something I think is KEY to weight loss, I'm gonna share with you what my tricks are right now to get back to the road in the winter time. These aren't in any order by the way.

  1. Change of Tunes - I know this is a common sense one. I get most of my tunes from the number one list on iTunes and my pals Molly and Katie are regularly texting about what their latest jam is. They're always posting them on the Insta too! Also, I like certain kinds of music at certain times of year. So for example, I tend to listen to a lot of Classic Rock during the summer, so I'm having my daddy work on a playlist for me for my upcoming runs. I think it would be bomb to run a half to classic rock!
  2. Attitude/Motivation -  I've seen this quote a lot and I love it because it's so true! "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well neither does bathing, that's why we do it daily!" In short, what I think this quote means is that you have to make a conscious choice every day to be positive about life, eating, working out, etc. I change my motivational wall in my bathroom and on my iPhone wallpaper REGULARLY. Also, when you think about it, motivation or attitude is a feeling and feelings are a choice. So, I can look out at the snow and doom and gloom sky, be a pity party of one, whine, mope, complain and just be miserable. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I can choose to be excited about how I'm going to run another half-marathon and how I'm going to kick ass doing it!
  3. Register for Races - I've said this before and I'll say it again, there is nothing like paying cold hard money for a race that will get your booty out the door. If I pay money for a race, then I am dang sure not gonna look like a fool doing it. I'm gonna look like a boss! 
And if the above three won't motivate you, then print this picture in a huge size and put it everywhere that you might feel a temptation.

People, yes race season is here as of...TODAY!!


But also right around the corner: summer dresses, flip flops, Norts, tank tops, and most importantly SWIMSUIT SEASON!

Any time I'm not thinking about preparing for running season, I am thinking about what swimsuit I am going to wear. Last Saturday when I was shopping with The Twitter, I was on my way to pay when Brandon stopped me to look at the swimsuit section.

Two things that made me happy:

  1. So much neon. Really, I should write a post about my love for neon. But it's just so pretty and can you imagine the neon next to pretty suntanned skin?!? 
  2. The fact that I could look at the tankini section confidently. I've come a long way and this year that work will pay off! 
  3. Okay three things! I loved that my husband was really excited about my options. Let's be honest, my swimsuit wearing ways are for him and well, I'm excited that he's excited. 

So find some motivation and get to gettin' y'all!

Happy Friday and Happy March! 
As you know, I'm a huge Ruffles with Love fan. When it's actually decent weather, I have a tank top on while running. When it's cold weather, I have on a tank as my bottom layer too. 

Vanessa's shirts are so fun to wear while running!

She has a ton of options to choose from, but she also does custom orders! I had this one made recently and I can't wait to wear it on Sunday's run!

And today I'm hosting a giveaway for one of her shirts!

You can enter three times! 

How can you enter?

Be a follower! (Leave me a comment letting me know!)


You can enter the giveaway by living a comment about what motivates you to get in a good workout. 


You can tweet about the giveaway. Make sure to include my twitter handle in the post so I can see it. (@samkbt) 



I'll pick a winner a week from today using Random Integer. Inn the mean time I have a 10% off code (RUBYTURTLE) available for use in her store. 


The Pink Growl said...

Winter is definitely harder to keep up your motivation! I have been struggling too! I am definitely a follower of your blog!

Jennifer Shelton said...

Hi! I've been following your blog on Google Reader for a while now, and I just became a member your site. You are so motivating! Great giveaway, I love the Ruffles with Love shirts!

The Macons said...

DUDE! I;m a follower (duh) and I want the Super Cala shirt! I love it!

The Macons said...

Also, the only thing that motivates me to work out is my fat rolls, once they diminish, so does my motivation.

The Macons said...

I tweeted it lady! Now pick me! :)

Kodi said...

I follow and you KNOW I'm excited about this giveaway!

Kodi said...

What motivates me? I'm tired of being chubby.

Kodi said...

Tweeting now!

Jessika said...

A follower?! well there's no doubt about it! Let's just say we go way back... :)

Jessika said...

I started running to be an encourager for you and Jess. Who would have thought I actually sorta really kinda like it?! There is not better feeling than a post run feeling and a good sweat. Something else that motivates me is the race finish line. It really doesn't get much better than that. OH and the last motivators I have are you and Jess. Y'all are kicking butt and I couldn't be more proud :)

Jessika said...

oh and I just tweeted about this legit giveaway :)

Susannah said...

I'm gonna do all three to win because I need this shirt! You know I'm a follower and what motivates me is my kids! I'm going to tweet now!

LWLH said...

I need to print out that pic for myself. I always keep telling myself 'oh when it gets warmer, i'll go out walking etc.' but I need to start it now.

Jessi B. said...

Dude been following you for 25 years!!! I am always up for new tank!!! Love you Seestur!

Jorden and Kristin said...

I follow you!

Jorden and Kristin said...

I get motivated by setting a goal for myself, aka I can't watch the bachelor until I get a 5 miler in! Silly as it may sound that motivates me to push through and do it!

Darci said...

Hey girl! Following! Score!

Darci said...

For me, motivation comes by simply looking in the mirror! Haha! Oh and Cancun in 8 weeks!

hvpooly said...

I'm a follower

hvpooly said...

For me motivation comes from see my clothes get bigger and seeing my body being able to things I never thought it could

hvpooly said...


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

follow, duh ;)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

and what motivates me? Seeing you guys do it. Anyone posting on IG about workouts. Or when I feel fat. Truth. haha

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