Thursday, March 21, 2013

Because firsts are fun!

I saw my pal, Laura do this little ditty and it looked fun, so here I am!

  1. First thing you do in the morning? Grumble about getting up. I brush my teeth first thing, without fail. My momma is the same way.
  2. First thing you do when you get home from work? Go to the bathroom. This applies whether I've been at work or not. If I have just come home from anywhere, I have to hit the bathroom.
  3. First kiss? I was a week away from turning 15. It was during the Blair Witch Project. It was all kinds of awkward. I see this dude this summer. Should be interesting.
  4. First home? First home with my parents was South of my hometown. First home with Brandon was across from my high school football stadium. That little house was a lot of fun.
  5. First car? 1994 Chevy Camaro. Her name is Poison Ivy and I still have her. My daddy takes care of her for me in Oklahoma. We are saving her for car shows some day.
  6. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up? The President of the United States
  7. First choice beverage? If I am not drinking pop, then I love a good unsweetened tea with extra ice from Mickey D's. If I am drinking pop, I'm obsessed with vanilla coke zero more than I should be.
  8. First choice dessert? There is nothing like a dip-top in a cup from Southside Drive-In in my hometown. But since I can't have that all the time, I am in love with the dark chocolate truffles that Harry and David's makes.
  9. First choice of restaurant? Speedway Grill, Muskogee Oklahoma. Hands down, the BEST burger in the entire world is there.
  10. First major purchase? My Chevy Monte Carlo named Mary Carlotta. We got her after college.
  11. First job? Filing clerk for a dealership.
  12. First time you flew on a plane? I was 1 when I flew to see my grandparents with my momma. The first flight I remember was when I was 5 and my sister flew with me and my mom that time.
  13. First real "big girl" job? I used to work for a prosecutor.
Come on everyone! Play along!

Happy Thursday! 


Cassie said...

O-M-G!!! I totally thought I was the only weirdo who goes to the bathroom before I leave and as soon as I return regardless of where I am! My co-workers make so much fun of me because of it!! LOL

LWLH said...

Haha..I love that your first car is names Poison Ivy....THE BEST!

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