Friday, February 1, 2013

Only serious dudes need apply.

I've written this post two other times for my sister. Both times I went on and on about what is great about my sister. And I still stand by both of those posts. I'm not linking to them because that would be too easy. If you're a dude and you're reading this and you want to know, you'll find them. It shows that you've got a little bit of initiative. 

Plain and simple, my sister Jessi (Jessica) is a rockstar. She's a hard worker. She cares about our family very deeply. She's the second of four kids and is 25 years old. She has busted her butt this past year to lose over 80 pounds and is not done rocking her weight loss journey. She is loyal to a fault. She loves her Boxer Bulldogs, Peaches and Winston. She's a runner. And oh yeah, she's has a college degree from the University of Oklahoma. She loves to travel and is ALWAYS up for a road trip.

Jessi with our baby brother, Will

Jessi with me, and Loren our baby sister at Christmas time

The Fab Five

I'm so proud of how far she has come! She is bomb dot com!
Jessi in the middle with Will and Loren

But what you need to know MOST about Jessi is that she loves Jesus with her whole heart and she loves him first.

If you're not willing to love her like Christ loved the church, then please click the "X" and move on to the next post.

If you're not willing to pursue her first and then continue to pursue her all the days of your life, then please click the "X" and move on to the next post. (Read, you need to comment first, she won't be commenting on your post first.)

It took me a long time to understand that when you marry someone, you don't just marry them, you marry the family. If you're not interested in really being part of our family, then please click the "X" and move on to the next post.

If you gain her love, your life will never be the same. The people who have experience Jessi's love know it because she shows it. If you're not interested in showing her love and giving her the world, then please click the "X" and move on to the next post.

Now I realize that I might come across as a really protective big sister, but you have to understand that I think my sister deserves the very best. And so I'm not interested in anything less for her.

Hope this finds you well.

Happy February!

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