Thursday, February 28, 2013

On shopping with The Twitter and Insta.

It's no secret that I love the camaraderie that happens on The Twitter and Insta. I've waxed poetic on several occasions about how fun it is and I still stand by it.

My latest case in point:  Taking The Twitter and Insta' both shopping with me.

I'm coming to a time where I'm going to have to start dressing like an adult. My days of flip flops and sundresses during the weekdays are sadly coming to an end. I also have lost a lot of weight, so wearing clothes and trying on clothes are fun again! But the thing is, I'm kinda at a loss for what goes good with my body type.

Also, my best gal pals, Jessi (sister) and Jessika (adopted sister) don't live here.

(I still text them telling them I'm going and to be on the lookout.)

So I do the next best thing: post it to The Twitter and Insta and ask for help/ guidance/advice/a flashing red sign that says "WHY DID YOU TRY THAT HOT MESS ON!?"

Both are huge resources that should be taken seriously.

(My husband just rolled his eyes at this sentence.)

(My daddy probably rolled his eyes too.)

(To be honest, my daddy probably rolled his eyes from the get-go because this whole blog post is about shopping.)

Where was I? Oh yeah a first world problem blog post!

Think about it: There are some seriously awesome fashion bloggers we all read. Now I don't follow the snooty ones, but I love the fun ones that don't take themselves super seriously. And also, there are a lot of bloggers who aren't fashion bloggers, but just have a good eye.

I want to look professional, classic, like Jackie Kennedy, and yet fun at the same time.

(And yes, I really just said I wanted to look like Jackie Kennedy in the courtroom. There is no one more timeless in my opinion.)

With a click of my iPhone, the pictures are out there and the magic happens: I get help in the style department.

(My husband also might grumble about the shopping process taking longer because I post the pictures. But Brandon should know by now how long shopping takes in the first place. Just sayin'.)

It is so much fun and I have the best time and I come away with some awesome looks. 

Last Saturday I found these wonderful gems at JC Penney's! I was stunned at all I found!

Hello Easter dress and with a jacket, it's court room appropriate on a casual day!

I'm so excited I can wear Peplum!

And the grey pants and the white coat are just staples that everyone needs!

Of course I made a stop at my favorite shopping place in the world: Old Navy.

If they made business clothes, I probably wouldn't shop anywhere else.

The shirt, tank-top,  jeans (Rockstar Skinny) and shoes are all Old Navy.
And then I proceeded to get grease popped all over my shirt and now have to hand-wash it to get the stains out.

Oh well, at least I have people to help me get dressed.

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

LWLH said...

I love your shopping tweets.
I live vicariously through you and your choices :)

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