Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Healthy Train Tuesday

This Week's Loss: I woke up late this morning and didn't have time to weigh in and I won't get home until late tonight.

Total Loss: So as of now, I'm saying that I'm down 63.4 pounds, because I'll skip my weigh-in this week.

Starting Weight: 239 pounds

Current Weight: 175.6 pounds

Pounds to goal weight: 25.6 pounds

What I craved this week: Since I knew I was going to have barbeque on Saturday night, I was craving it all week long. Eating that meal was very satisfactory that night, but the next night and Monday morning...not so much.

What I noticed was different about my body: I went to Old Navy on Friday and tried on some of their spring stuff. I can wear a medium easily. BUT. When I can't wear a medium it's because my arms are too big. I spoke with my running coach and I've got a workout plan. It's time to get my arms toned. My flabby chicken wing arms shouldn't hold me back from buying a dress or a shirt anymore.

Workouts I did this week: None. I went to my running group on Sunday. They do an annual Winter Olympics event and then usually run afterwards. However, because it was below 10 degrees some of the women complained it was too cold to run. I've run in those conditions before and was slightly irritated we didn't go. I didn't go ultimately because we last minute thought we were going to host a Super Bowl party. I didn't go for my runs by myself this week because it poured on one day and then the other day I thought Brandon was going to be home from work early so I passed. But truthfully, I have become so reliant on having someone to run with that it becomes easy for me to skip out when I'm by myself. In a few months I won't have anyone to run with and I need to get used to going by myself again. I want to be one of those girls that will go no matter what. And so I'm working through that mentally right now. I did it all last year when I started out, but now that I've had someone to go with, I've kinda eased off pushing myself individually. And I loathe, despise and hate the treadmill. Like I said, yesterday, I've got to get over myself.

Personal Goal for this week: Hit all my runs whether I go on the treadmill or they are outside.

Favorite Quote for this week:

I'm printing this out and putting it up in my bathroom.

What I'm looking forward to:
  • I've planned to have Chipotle this week as part of our meal planning. If I do it right, I'll only go over a few points that day!
  • I am really excited to be part of a fitness series. Be on the lookout for information on that soon!
  • I'm getting a button for this post soon!!

Frame of Mind: When I have a lot to do, I function ten times better at being on top of the weight loss front because everything is scheduled. Starting this week, I'm basically at that point until the semester is over.

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

I love that you plan ahead for your meals. I have got to be better at that. I am not a planner when it comes to meals and it kicks me in the butt every night when I log in my points.

I know what you mean about your arms hold you back from wearing a smaller size. Will you share your arm workout?

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