Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Word(s) for 2013.

My heart has been really heavy the last few days regarding a situation in my life. I don't really feel like I have the option to share here what is going on and that bothers me because my blog has always been my little corner of the world.

I am fine. There is nothing health-wise going on and Brandon is fine too. Please know that.

Not so coincidentally, I've been thinking about what my "word" for 2013 should be. I am fascinated by all the posts written so far on the matter and it's something that I've been thinking about a lot in the past weeks.

The above situation that I'm referring to has to do with my word or words partly. I have two. It's not something astronomical, but at the same time I suppose you're not surprised that a law student can't just pick one word.

My two words are adventure and friendship.

Friendship after marriage is a funny thing. It's almost an isolation that you can't escape. Your single friends don't really understand where you're coming from. It's almost like there are only certain situations it's okay to call the "married friends" to participate. The ones who are part of serious couples want to do everything in packs. They don't understand that when you hang out with someone who is married, it doesn't always have to include the boys. There are two types of married people, married people with kids and married people without kids. That last group breaks down further into people who want to have kids eventually and people who don't want to have kids eventually. When you're in the latter group, it's just an awk-a - awkward place to be. People who have kids don't know what to do with us "Withouts" sometimes.

When I first started writing this blog, I wrote about how I wished for friends for the both of us. I still wish for that, but I really wish for a good friend for me. I want someone who is like me and gets me. And I want you to know that I'm not without friends. I have my sister and friends from college and tons of wonderful friends from The Twitter and blogosphere. I just wish they were down the street. I would love for that to happen in the next months or so, but I'm a realist and I know that I'll get sucked into law school again in about a week. I'll have time for my studies, running, Brandon and extracurriculars from school. I'll be okay and I'll be busy. I just need a good solid pal. 

So my hope for friendship for this year is really about the end of the year when I move back to Oklahoma which leads me to my next word: adventure.

In the meantime, I really hope that I take some risks and do things that I want to do...even if it means that others aren't necessarily interested in doing what I'm doing.

Now that I've rambled on for a bit...what is your word for 2013?

Happy Saturday!

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