Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Motivation. The Musical Kind and the Words Kind. And a Weight Watchers Vlog.

MOTIVATION: The Musical Kind

Lynsey asked me yesterday what tunes I'm playing these days for my running list. I also was chatting it up with Katie as well after she gave me a tough love pep talk earlier today.

In a nutshell, I'm obsessed with all things Pitbull.

I slightly blame Katie L. for this. But really, I don't blame her, because Y'ALL. Pitbull is HAWT. And his music makes you want to move your body. Really, I should be thanking her.

So here's my list.
  1. Don't Stop the Party - Pitbull
  2. I Know You Want Me - Pitbull
  3. Titanium - David Guetta (feat. Sia) --This song is the one the girls sing in the shower in Pitch Perfect. FYI.
  4. Low - Flo Rida (feat. T-Pain)
  5. S&M - Rihanna --Another song from Pitch Perfect. The Barden Bellas sing this during the Riff Off.
  6. Stars 4-Ever - Robyn
  7. I Found You - The Wanted 
  8. Right Now - Rihanna (feat. David Guetta) 
  9. Have Some Fun - Pitbull (feat. The Wanted)
  10. Tchu Tchu Tcha - Pitbull (feat. Enrique Iglesias) 
  11. What About Us - The Saturdays
  12. Everyday Birthday - Swizz Beatz (feat. Chris Brown and Ludacris) 
  13. Riff Off: Mickey/Like a Virgin/ Hit Me with Your Best Shot/ S& M / Let's Talk About Sex/ I'll Make Love to You/ Feels Like the First Time/ No Diggity - Pitch Perfect Soundtrack 
  14. Bellas Finals: Price Tag/ Don't You (Forget About Me)/ Give me Everything/ Just the Way You Are/ Party in the USA/ Turn the Beat Around  - The Barden Bellas, Pitch Perfect Soundtrack
  15. The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes (feat. Ryan Tedder)
  16. Starships by Nicki Minaj
  17. No Diggity by Blackstreet and Dr. Dre
  18. We Came to Smash - In a Black Tuxedo (feat. Dev) - Martin Solveig
MOTIVATION: The Words Kind

My running coach sent this to me yesterday for some motivation. I LOVE IT!!
My sweet baby sister sent this to her big sisters for some motivation. I think we're gonna have shirts made!

Annnnnnnd...a Weight Watchers Vlog!

Erin asked me "Do you use your weekly points or just save them for a "just in case" moment?

  1. I'm not an expert. These are just things that work for me. 
  2. My dogs are the photo-bombingest dogs alive. 
  3. Example: If you hear a grunting noise, that's because Pais is sitting right beside me chewing on a toy. Also, Sugar is obviously in the background. She was in the other room and came in here when I started messing with the video.
  4. This video isn't the best quality. My bad.
  5. I still say "Um" A LOT. Oh well.
  6. I forgot to say drink lots of water! You should drink lots of water. It's good for you.
  7. Sorry for talking about your digestive system aka pooping. I'm a runner. Runners talk about it. Also, poop happens. 
  8. Bananas also have a good source of potassium which is important for runners.  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Happy Wednesday! 

1 comment:

The Pink Growl said...

Love your music ideas! Especially the ones from Pitch Perfect. Those songs are awesome!

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