Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mumblings.

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • A few weeks ago I was craving Fruit Loops. So two weeks ago, we bought the Wal-Mart jumbo bag version. I have had one Hugh Jass bowl since said purchase. I have been plotting my next bowl of Fruit Loops for days since. I only realized Friday night that I could have a small bowl every day for breakfast if I really wanted AND it would be minimal points too! What a concept! In case, you wondered my blondeness had disappeared, never fear.
  • I watched Ellen's birthday show on Saturday. Not gonna lie it was lame, but since then I've been craving a piece of cake like it's my job. I'm not talking about any kind of cake. I'm talking one of the cakes from the grocery store bakery. You know the kind that have the big roses from the 80s on them. Too bad they don't make slices you could buy.
  • Sugar gets onto the couch or the bed solely for the purpose of jumping on Paisley. It's hilarious. 
  • To me, it looks like Kim K has had so much botox, her face can't move to do the ugly cry face. She's barely 30 right?
  • Today I plan to clean, go to a meeting, hit a run/workout (this depends on whether it's raining or not), and then do homework. Yes, in that order. I also plan to put on music that I run to while I clean so I'll get in a workout while I clean. And yes I don't like running in the rain. I'll run in the snow, but not in the rain. Don't ask me how that makes sense in my mind.
  • After last night, I want to see Argo like yesterday. And I guess I need to see Silver Linings Playbook because apparently Jennifer Lawrence is really good in it. It's hard for me to believe. 
Happy Monday!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Other than the Oscar buzz I know nothing about either one of those movies! I'm going to have to do a little googling. I hear Silver Linings Playbook is amazing!

LWLH said...

I kinda want Fruit Loops and cake after reading this post :)

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