Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Healthy Train Tuesday: Bad News Bears.

This Week's Loss Gain: 3.5  pounds...Yeah. It was bad.

Total Loss: 61.5 pounds

Starting Weight: 239 pounds

Current Weight: 177.5

Pounds to goal weight: 27. 5 pounds

What I craved this week: Not a whole lot. Honestly, it was a bad week in the food department for me. I ate everything in sight. I did okay until Friday night. We went out and then it was a hot mess after that. I was hungry all weekend long.

It has definitely shaped my goals for this week.

What I noticed was different about my body: I can't have more than one alcoholic beverage or it's like it becomes gel that sticks to my body that doesn't want to leave. I had two rum and cokes Friday night and I just could not get rid of them all weekend. The other thing I noticed was that when I eat crap, I have a hard time stopping. It makes me feel bad of course, but it also increases my appetite for crap. It's like I have to go through a withdrawal

Workouts I did this week: I HIT ALL THREE OF MY RUNS!! On Sunday, I ran just over 4 miles. It was a whopping 18 degrees out. And I had to do hill repeats! It was AWESOME!! It seriously made me glad to be building up my mileage again. It also made me fall in love with running again. I got a definite rush.

Personal Goal for this week: I have a couple.

  • It is supposed to snow all week long, so my goal is to get out there and hit my runs EVEN in the snow! 
  • I also have a goal to stay under my daily points every day. If I go over I only want it to be by 3-4 points at most. I really don't want to touch my flex points at all.

Favorite Quote for this week: "Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese Proverb.

What I'm looking forward to: Busting my butt this week to lose the weight!

Frame of Mind: I had a rough week. I did not want to post this blog at all, but I'm posting it for the accountability to push me to keep going. I fell down this week, but today starts a new week and I'm getting back up AGAIN.

Happy Tuesday!


Katie said...

Proud of you, lady.

GypsySoulBec said...

Look at you running in the cold! It's beautiful here today but I'm sitting in my recliner watching The Talk. Boo. Keep up the great work. I've said it once but I'll say it again--- you are in inspiration! In fact, I'm going to set out my walking clothes so they will be ready this afternoon when I get back from the dentist.

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Sorry that both of us had a crappy week! But we got this and we will move forward!

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