Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Confessional: Round Dos

I'm linking up with my girl, Mrs. EyeCanSee again for Friday Confessional. 
This is pretty fun randomly telling my latest secrets. 
The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

I know we just had the Inauguration on Monday, but Hillary 2016 has me really excited. Too soon? I don't care. I can't say that on Facebook because I feel like it's standing in the town square with all your FB friends there listening to you. And if you think about it, people have FB friends to make up a small town. I'm from a small town and news travels really fast when you do or say something stupid. People don't think about that concept enough in my opinion. I also don't want to say anything on The Twitter about it because The Twitter doesn't like political commentary at all.

Even though I say I don't have the nerve to wear a bikini in public, in the back of my mind, it's what I'm working towards for this summer. I'm gonna need a margarita in hand if I get up the nerve to do so.

Every time I watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I have a sudden urge to buy a good black nail polish. They also wear a lot of the shade that looks like the peach crayon from the 24 pack of Crayolas. I like that color a lot too and have the same urge to buy it as well. However, this urge disappears entirely once the show is over...because I forget about it.

I can't decide which eye I think is prettier on Sugar. For those of you that don't know Sugar has a blue eye and a brown eye. It's very cool and adds a certain mystique to her personality. Anyhow, I can't decide which one is prettier. Is that weird? I don't care if it is.

Even though I consider running this winter in Michigan, a personal rite of passage for me, running in the snow is like running in the sand. It's hard and makes me wish for summer time when I can run in a tank top and compression shorts.

I consider People my legitimate source for news on all things American celebrity. I consider The Daily Mail my legitimate source for news on all things British Royal Family. Anything other than these two sources of news are not to be considered reliable.

What are your confessions?

Happy Friday!  


LWLH said...

I'm partial to Sugar's blue eye, but maybe that's because I have blue eyes. Whatevs her and Pais are cute always.

JMS said...

I have black! But what I like even better us a really dark purple (Nicole by OPI made my fav). It looks black, but you can tell it's purple so it's not as harsh. What I thought while watchingbEmily Maynard's Bachorlette was "should I try white?" Her nails were a whitish color. I never tried it tho.

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