Monday, December 10, 2012

Whiny? Bitter? Sad? Grouchy? Stressed? The gang's all here!

I need to whine and complain and vent for a blog post.

Finals are this week. Yes, I should be studying instead of grouching about it here. Spare me the lecture.

After this semester I have two more semesters of classes and then I have an externship for a semester. One little year that will fly before I know it and then I'm done.

The problem is that I am over the classes that I'm in now. I really have enjoyed all the classes I've been in except one this semester. It's geared towards the business side of things. I am not business inclined. Never have been. They do not thrill me or get my motor running.

I also am over the fact that I'm stuck in the library while everyone else is out and about enjoying the Christmas season. I know I chose to be in school, but damn, it really sucks this semester.

Add in the fact that some of my friends are graduating this semester and they're all super happy about it. I'm happy for them. But I am going to miss them and I also don't do well with change. Therefore, I am a grumpus times three now.

Finally, the last three weeks have been pure hell for Brandon and I. He's been super stressed with work. He worked a 90+ hour week and worked well over 50 hours this last week. I have had my head up my ass with school. We are basically roommates at this point who are operating on low levels of sleep and if you think it isn't fun, then you think right. We need some major hang out time and also some major not doing jack shit time too. If this could happen at the same time that would be a miracle.

All of this makes me want to drive to the nearest McDonalds and order a double quarter pounder with cheese with fries and a REGULAR coke. Or I could put a hurt on some Nacho Supreme Chalupas from Taco Bell with cheesy fiesta potatoes and a soft taco. Let's just say it is a damn good thing that I have to be in the library all the time and these restaurants are out of the way otherwise I'd make serious efforts to make this happen.

Lastly, (Yes this is my third winding down paragraph. Deal.) law school is super hard. I'm getting a doctorate for crying out loud. I don't think people get just how hard it is and the lack of respect people have for grad students really pisses me off. So if you see or know a law student in real life, take the time to do something for them. Your acknowledgment will go a LONG way.

In case you haven't figured it out...I'm am frustrated big time. And I need your prayers. Because right now, I'm stressed out and I just want to throw something...preferably at my professors.

Monday. That's right. I left out the Happy.

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Not So Newlyweds said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! I give you so much credit for being in law school. You're almost done! J starts is doctorate in the fall and I don't know who is more nervous--him or me! Keep working're almost to a break! Just keep swimming!!

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