Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Healthy Train Tuesday

This Week's Loss: 1 pound!!

Total Loss: 60.8

Starting Weight: 239 pounds

Current Weight: 178.2 pounds!

Pounds to goal weight: 28.2 pounds!!

What I craved this week: I really would like a glass of my momma's famous punch that she makes at Christmas time. The problem is that this punch is full of SUGAR! I also am craving a Speedway Special from my favorite burger joint in Oklahoma. Seriously, I'm beginning to think that the reason I run is so that I can eat a cheeseburger and fries or Chipotle guilt free.

Speaking of one of the most wonderful places on Earth, I devoured this bad boy on Saturday. I'd been craving it since Tuesday.

What I noticed was different about my body: My boobs are really starting to shrink. I also need to get on working out my arms. The chicken wings aren't cutting it.

Workouts I did this week: One flipping run. I'm peeved about this. The thing about that beautiful sight above that is a Chipotle Burrito Bowl is that I couldn't run Saturday afternoon because I was having issues. And I missed my run Sunday morning because I let myself get stressed out to the point that my stomach issue kicked in big time. My pal Em told me that is when I should go most. I'm kicking myself now for not going.

Personal Goal for this week: 

  • STUDY HARD!! I want great grades!
  • Get in two runs and then I'm doing a Girls on the Run 5K on Sunday! I'm really excited about it!
  • Eat well and healthy.

Favorite Quote for this week: 

Source and Sorry Mom!

What I’m looking forward to: In less than 11 days I will be on Christmas break and the arrival of the Kate and Wills' child. Priorities people. I've got them. I also am going to be part of a fun blog series soon! Look out for that post as well!

Frame of Mind: We have a ton going on in our lives right now, but somehow I feel really focused. I know that Brandon and I will tackle our current life to-do lists head on and in style. I really am proud of how far we've come this year and what we have done together as a couple. Now we just gotta thrive through the next two weeks!

I am still very much in the zone and have my eye on the prize. My goal is to try to be down to 169 by Christmas. I hope that I can do it.

And speaking of Christmas, I'm trying to decide how to handle the holidays. We will be celebrating with several families this holiday. For now, I think I'm going to stick to my one plate policy. I'm not sure what I'll do on the other days. There are lots of temptations in Oklahoma, mainly Sonic. I do plan to run as much as possible while I'm there. I hear it's still in the 60s. That's almost tank top running weather. I might even pack my compression shorts. 

Happy Tuesday and Happy Christmas!

1 comment:

LWLH said...

You are on a freakin' roll girl!

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