Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Healthy Train Tuesday: Take THAT Thanksgiving!!

This week's loss: 2.4 pounds!!

Total Loss: 59.8 pounds!!

Starting Weight: 239 pounds

Current Weight: 179.2 pounds

Pounds to goal weight: 29.2 pounds!!

What I craved this week: All the holiday food I didn't make. That includes a veggie tray, sausage dip and chips, fruit tray, pickle tray, shrimp tray, my momma's punch, and the list goes on and on and on... The point is that I craved REALLY bad food. It was like the little bit of food that I made that we traditionally have opened the door to everything else that goes with it. Based on my cravings, I still say this is further proof as to why eating unhealthy is an addiction.

What I noticed was different about my body: I'm getting down to just having my tummy and arms to lose. I know the rest of my body will continue to get smaller, but the noticeable areas at this point are my arms and tummy.

Workouts I did this week: Ran twice. One of those runs was a new PR. You can read about that here.

Personal Goal for this week:
  • Hit all my runs and lose more weight. 
  • I have a 7 miler on Sunday that I am excited about. My goal is to maintain a pace under 12 minutes. We'll see how that works out for me.
  •  I also want to finish up my final work for the classes I don't have finals in so that I can focus on the classes that I do have finals. (Did you follow that hot mess?) 
  • I also want to find a running jacket for a decent price and these thingys to go on the bottom of my running shoes in case it snows. I can't remember what they're called. Obviously.

Favorite Quote for this week:


What I'm looking forward to: 
  • I really really really am looking forward to being done with this semester, BUT I am really starting to feel the stress of the end of the semester. So I guess in some weird twisted way, I'm looking forward to finals too. I know it's weird. My brother Will would tell you it's the school nerd in me. 
  • Also, on Saturday, I'm having Chipotle for the first time in weeks. Judge me if you must, but it's the little things in life that get you through the rough times. 
  • I'm looking forward to finalizing my race schedule for the spring in the near future. 
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm looking forward to hitting 300 miles before the year is over. 

Frame of Mind: I can feel myself getting into the zone. I think it has to do with the fact that I created a whole other level of accountability when I posted that my starting weight was 239 and also because it is the end of the semester. Like I mentioned last week, it happens naturally for me at this time, but I'm trying to find a good balance. I also have to admit that I'm starting to get a tad bit nervous about reaching my goal weight. Maintaining a weight is something that I've never made a concerted effort at doing and I'm not sure where to start or how to do it...at all. Any tips y'all have are greatly appreciated!

Happy Tuesday!


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

ahhh... maintaining the goal weight. Now that is a struggle that never ends. I give myself a window of a few pounds. For me, it's literally a few. like maybe three. Mark has more of a five pound window. Once I creep up on that window ledge, (where I've been camping out lately), then I realize I need to start watching what I eat and reigning it in. If I get to the top of that window, it's time to lose that weight again. I actually weigh myself pretty much every day now... or every other day. First thing in the morning. That way I know what the damage is and if I need to adjust. That might sound a little obsessive, but it is SO EASY for me to put on weight, and I'm short, so it's like double whammy. I have to watch it very carefully. But you can do it, because you are determined. (-: The bigger battle is definitely losing it.


Mrs. S said...

dang way to go girl! losing on Thanksgiving week-- that is awesome!!

I'm starting WW again once I get released from the Doc!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I am so impressed that you lost with thanksgiving. you are amazing.

Laura said...

Wow, lady. Way to go with the loss during Thanksgiving. I mean...who does that? Oh. You. ;) You rock.

Recently Roached said...

You're an all star! :)

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