Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Healthy Train Tuesday: The First Holiday Meal Test

This Week's Loss: 0.0 pounds. Lame freaking sauce.

Total Loss: 57.4 pounds.

What I craved this week: Less on the sugar front. Thank goodness! I didn't really crave much of anything in particular. We've been meal planning for three weeks now and so it's easy to put my cravings into the calendar and also to plan out my points too. I just have to stick to doing that in order to maintain my goals.

BUT! I had two Thanksgiving meals I attended for school purposes. It was hard to say no to all the goodness that was there. 

What I noticed was different about my body: I've felt super frumpy all week long. I even thought I looked really frumpy in our family pictures that we got Sunday. Then my sister reminded me pull my head out of my ass to look at old photos and see the difference. And it was there. I just gotta keep going. Plus, I wore a car shirt for a night shirt last night and I was so proud that it was loose and that my sweats were also loose as well when I was at my biggest they were full of my legs.

Workouts I did this week: I hit all three runs this week! I ran a 3.5 miler, a 3.1 miler, and a 5.74 miler. They all felt really good. I run faster in the winter time and I also run faster on my short runs. This helps my training for the longer races in the future. So I'm glad to be working on that.

Personal Goal for this week: I want to hit all my runs again and try for a personal best at the Turkey Trot 5K.

(Side note: Did you know that this will be my first serious 5K??I know I did the Color Run, but some of the girls that I was with had not trained at all so we walked a good portion of the way. Plus, the Color Run is about getting color on you.)

Also, my goal for Thanksgiving Week is to be a super stickler all week. I want to save my flex points for Turkey Day so that I can eat all the bad foods and not feel bad about it. I also want to eat the portion size that I'd normally eat as well. I still have dessert, but I won't go overboard. One serving of everything is more than enough!

Plus, running a 5K on the big day doesn't hurt either.

Favorite Quote for this week: I'm gonna switch it up a bit and tell you my favorite jams currently.
Why yes I'm obsessed with Gangnam Style.
I also love Pitbull. He can do no wrong in my book.
Also, my mileage is now 242.3. I'm coming for you 300!!

Also, this isn't really a quote, but it's a question that I've written on my mirror.

"How bad do you want it?"

What I'm looking forward to: See yesterday's post. Also, a new race shirt. Hey girl hey!

NEW SECTION ---> Frame of mind: I have to be honest, I've been complacent in the last couple of months. I'm really tired of this cycle I've been through twice now. I get complacent and don't push myself. Then when finals roll around, I'm in the zone and I lose weight. I did that this summer and now I've found myself in the same place. I've still lost weight through both periods, but when it gets to finals time, I get focused. I should be in the zone all the time. I know I'm human and I'm going to struggle with this just like the next person, because a lot of weight loss is HARD. It is. You have to work through a battle each and every day of making good choices.

But still, I am ready to kick the last 31.6 pounds in the ass. 

I am ready to be rid of this extra weight.

I am ready to be done. 

But HOW in the world am I going to do this during the holidays?

This part, I don't know. I know that I'll stick to smaller portions. I also know that I won't let myself just gorge out on all the bad. I won't let myself get uncomfortable.

I just gotta get rid of the weight.

I just have to.

It's time.

Happy Tuesday! 


The Macons said...

You can do it! Easier said than done, I know. But the fact that you are running a 5K on Thanksgiving surely means you can go to town on that good food! Get it girl!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I soooo get this post. In fact, I could have written this post. Minus the whole running part....I need to get on that!!

I'm so close to my goal. With hard work and dedication I could very likely hit it by my 1 year WW anniversary on Jan 14. But there's a lot standing between me and that date. The holidays. Part of me wants to just plug on through, show no mercy. Hit that goal! The other parts wants to enjoy the holidays, indulge a little...even if it slows things down a bit. Because afterall, the holidays are a part of life and I need to learn how to tackle them!

Good luck to us both!! And kick some serious 5K ass tomorrow!!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

You can do it, Sam! You are so close! Every day you are one step closer to your goal!


The Life of Susan said...

yeah don't feel too bad about the shred. i've been doing it as consistently as i can, but i've definitely skipped days here and there and it's still effective! you gotta listen to your body. you're so awesome sam!

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