Monday, November 19, 2012


Can you feel it?

It's the time of year when things start to slow down and people start to relax. Oh sure, there is still the hustle and bustle of the holidays, if you're looking for it.  But if you seek out the quiet and mystery of the holidays,  the world gets chill.


Even though, I still have almost an entire month before I'm finished for the semester, and I've got miles to go figuratively speaking, I can feel myself slowing down and enjoying the ones I love most a little more than I usually would.

The anticipation of being with everyone is building.

I'm so excited to spend time together in the kitchen with my sisters and mom. I'm looking forward to making a meal with my brother helping me out.

I also love spending time in the kitchen with my mother in law. It's a lot of fun to cook at her house because it's usually just the two of us with her sons (including my husband) coming in to taste test everything once in awhile.  

I'm looking forward to snuggling on the couch with all the dogs and my sister, Loren while we watch all our favorite Christmas movies and our dad groans about it for the umpteeth time, but then laughs through the whole entire movie like he's seeing it for the first time!

I'm looking forward to making a run to Sonic with Brandon's brother and sister in law for the third time in a day.

I'm looking forward to going for runs with Jessi and Jessika and grabbing breakfast afterwards.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the lights.

I'm looking forward to this Thursday with just the two of us and our puppies. Making a feast that will last us for days and taking a big delicious nap in the afternoon.

I'm looking forward to seeing close family friends and sharing good laughs.

The anticipation of it all keeps me going forward in the hard school days ahead.

And it chills me at the same time.

What has you so excited about the upcoming holiday season that you just can't stand yourself?

Happy Monday y'all!

1 comment:

Not So Newlyweds said...

Such great things to look forward to!!

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