Friday, November 23, 2012

Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K Recap

Wake up time was at 6:15am. I was a little groggy and slow moving because I only got six hours of sleep...and also had some...Ahem... tummy issues. I've got to get better about getting to sleep on time. I really run my best on 7-8 hours of sleep.

(Side note and FYI: Runners talk about poop.)

I laid out my clothes the night before so I threw them on and then brushed out my hair so it'd lay right under my doo-rag. 

I didn't eat anything which is a major no-no, but I forgot to grab more bananas earlier in the week. Bananas are about the only thing that I can eat that don't make me want to puke.

We had to get to the parking area by 7:30 because that's when they shut down the streets. We arrived at 7:10am and chilled in the car for a bit. The Tot Trot was at 8. Our race was at 8:45am. It was a bunch of hurry up and wait and I'm not a fan of that. The Tot Trot should have been after the actual Turkey Trot.

I popped in my Clif Shot Blok and assumed "chipmunk status" as Brandon calls it and waited for the race to begin.

( Side note: I fuel with Clif Shot Bloks.  I usually have one every 3-4 miles. I let them sit in my mouth like a piece of gum. It really looks more like I have a chew in my mouth which is why Brandon says I look like a chipmunk. The reason I leave it sitting in my mouth is so my mouth doesn't dry out. For some reason, a dry mouth makes me think I can't go any further and slows me down greatly. )

Because it was a simple 5K, there were no needs for corrals. But because there were no corrals, the faster runners got mixed in with the slower runners. This wouldn't have been a big deal except it seemed like all the fast runners were a little ruder than they could have been. I get they have PRs they want to set as well, but dang, giving a simple "On your left/right" would have been nice.
Mile 1 wasn't bad at all. Other runners were passing me, but I stayed focused and ran my race. I knew that most of them would crap out soon and I'd catch up with them and pass them.

Mile 2 is when things started to even out. It takes me about a mile or so to get settled into my run and I felt that during this time. I also noticed that I was catching up to people who had passed me so quickly during the beginning. This motivated me and I started kicking it into gear. People were also really friendly during this time as well. I also saw two other runners with doo-rags on like me. One was a guy who rocked it 80s style and the other was a woman. Her doo-rag matched her outfit. She became my target to pass.

Mile 3-3.1 was the most fun and the least fun at the same time.

Around 2.5 we did a small loop and we got to see the runners ahead of us. There were lots of high fives and "Happy Thanksgiving's" during this time, but when I turned around and was on other side, I realized why these people seemed a little fake happy. It was because they were about to run the hill from hell. No joke, it was straight up, but I was determined to run up it the entire way. I did and I even passed a big football player. We made it up that hill and I could see the finish line...sorta. The reason I couldn't see the finish line entirely was because we had another hill to run up!! It was less than pleasant to finish on a hill. I also was a little peturbed because I had to stop running and walk long enough to blow snot rockets so I could breathe easier. I could have finished faster.

It still was a good day for me. Like I mentioned yesterday, I PR'd on my mile time and also on my race time.

I saw Brandon at the finish line, but he didn't see me. He said I needed something brighter on. I'm gonna take that as code to buy more running clothes.
  • Other than the hill from hell, I really liked this course. It was a fun race. 
  • Everyone was very happy. It was also a lot of fun to wish Happy Thanksgiving to the other runners.
  • The sun was out. I'm weird in that I like running with the sun shining.

  • The race shirt was a t-shirt. I'd much rather have a tech shirt. I don't like running in cotton because I chafe and also because in a t-shirt I can't get rid of the sweat. 
  • We started our Turkey later than we wanted because of the later start. It was a pain in the butt. 
  • They ran out of bananas and all they had was cookies so options weren't that great if you're someone who tries to stay away from processed sugars. 
It was fun to start Thanksgiving out this way and I hope that next year I have the opportunity to do the same.

Happy Friday!

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LWLH said...

Good job girl, and yes...go get more running clothes so he can see you next time, he pretty much said it himself ;)

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