Friday, November 9, 2012

A little bit of fun on a Friday.

It's that time in the semester where my life has consisted of completing one big to-do list after another. I really am enjoying it. I like being busy. But in the busy, I haven't had time for the fun that is The Twitter, Instagram, and my blog. I know I'm still posting, but I'm not as thorough lately.

When I decide to be involved in something, I do it whole-heartedly. When I don't have the chance to do that, I feel bad. I like to know what is going on in my blog/twitter/IG pals lives. A prime example of this when I made a decision to try and cheer others on in taking care of themselves and I've sucked it up big time lately.


I've been really doing well in school and taking care of my little family of four and I've been happy doing it. So, if I'm not as involved, but still participating, I'll take it. I still need a place of my own to write down things, but if I get a little behind on reading here and there, I'm okay with it. I still really love The Twitter and Instagram too!

The point is you only live once and I want to live with my people in the moment while I'm out of it until finals are over. 

That being said, I saw the little ditty below on Kelle Hampton's blog today and I wanted to participate in my little corner of the world.

  1. What's streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now? 
  2. Last thing that made you smile. 
  3. What you're looking forward to right now. 
  4. Last thing you bought for yourself.
  1. Christmas music. Listen, if there was Thanksgiving music, I'd rock it out too because I love Thanksgiving as much as I love Christmas!
  2. Talking to my husband about the rotisserie chicken we're having for dinner. I have been meal planning for a whole two weeks now and I really like that I know what is coming. I get excited for the meals and when I'm craving something, I can just add it to the upcoming week! Also, makes my point counting easier! 
  3. Christmas with our families. And my upcoming races. And my trials too!
  4. Ticonderoga pencils and two new legal pads. I know it might sound lame to some, but to this organization legal nut, it's like a mini form of Christmas morning.
You be sure to play along too!

Happy Friday!

P.S. Only a month and 5 days until the semester is over!! GET EXCITED! I won't be super out of it for too much longer! 

1 comment:

LWLH said...

I am def. rocking out to some Christmas music myself. :)

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