Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I wear when I go for a run...

 I thought I'd blog about what I wear when I run. I'm still really new at this, so there are things that I've tried and liked and things that I've tried and not liked. This is my current combo that works for me.

1. A Doo-rag - Some people call this a bandana. I like my hair to be out of my face. I have short hair and so I don't have the luxury of putting it up in a pony-tail. So a bandana/doo-rag it is.

2. Running Tech Shirt - Brand wise I'm not picky in this area. It's the material that counts. Tech shirt material is kinda slick. The important part is that this material wicks away moisture and keeps you cool while you run and also gets rid of moisture so you don't get cold either.

3. Sports Bra - I feel like this should be an obvious one, but you'd be surprised at how many don't wear one. I like the Champion brand that can be found at Target. The elasticity is wonderful if you're well endowed like I am.

4. Compression Shorts/Capris - I prefer compression shorts because they hold my jiggly parts still while I run, plain and simple. I also run hot. So since it's colder out, I am not ready for full on pants at this point. That's just my personal preference.

5. Running Socks -I think this is a preference thing. I will say that wearing socks that are made for running do make a difference in my opinion. I like the ones that have no ankle to them. I think it's because I get so hot so easily.

Aren't they pretty?
6. Running Shoes -If you're want to go running at all, get fitted. Go to an actual store that's just for running and see what they say. I run in Brooks Pure Cadence, just in case you're wondering.

7. Arm Band -I have my iPhone on me all the time for safety reasons. I wear one of those arm bands with it in it. I got mine at Wal-Mart for less than 10 bucks!

8. iPod -Good music is a must! I didn't know this, but apparently there is a big debate among the running community about wearing headphones and listening to music while you run. I turn my music down to at least half the level that I'd normally listen to my music at because I like to know when bikers are coming along or cars are coming. I also say hi to other runners I see or if I have a running buddy. Sometimes I turn it down a whole lot so I can be a good running buddy as well. Again, all of this is on your personal preference.

9. Fuel Belt - In my fuel belt, I carry tissues for emergencies, shot bloks for energy (strawberry is my favorite flavor!) and of course there is a place for my water bottle! The fuel belt I have also has a built in ID tag with all my information should I have a medical emergency.

10. Compression Socks -I just started wearing these post run within the last few weeks post run. My muscles aren't as tight post run and I will probably use them after my half-marathon!

11. Post Long Run Recovery Routine - Everyone has one whether they know it or not. Some runners are very picky about what they do post run. Others are go with the flow. I'm somewhere in between. I usually eat breakfast after I'm finished, shower, and take a good nap. It's amazing what rest does for my sore muscles. I feel like half of a new woman after I wake up!

Happy Wednesday! 

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JMS said...

I'm a big fan of the Champion sports bras too- but I'm a barely there B (30B). I love it & it's cheap ;-)

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