Sunday, October 21, 2012

I ran my very first half-marathon today. Booyah.

Yesterday, we headed to the Expo for the Detroit Free Press International Marathon check-in. I picked up my shirt, bib, a bag of papers, but no fun goodies. I bought a trucker hat with the emblem on it and I've always wanted one of those magnets for my car. I bought the personalized one and I think I may stick it on my fridge for now. I still want to buy some more half-marathon stuff, but at this point, I'm refraining.

We then went to pick up beg who finally made it into Michigan after a missed connection due to the bain that is US Airways. Ran her to the Expo, then came home and had a wonderful dinner of chicken alfredo with broccoli. Before we knew it, it was time to get our things ready to go for the next day. Of course, it took me a bit to fall asleep. OF COURSE IT DID.

4am was here all too early and yet I was ready to get out of bed.We got dressed and I took a before picture. We drove to downtown Detroit, parked, and found our way to our corral.


It was time to run! 

Miles 1-2 were crowded (Hello 23,000 people!) and had us headed to Canada. I have never been to Canada before and today was my first time to go! How many people can say that her first time into a foreign country she literally ran into it?  It was lots of fun and a definite adrenaline rush. We ran across the Ambassador Bridge. This bridge turned out to be the hill that never ended...I thought we were never going to make it.

Miles 3-6 we ran along the Detroit River. It was absolutely breathtaking and so cool to see all the major car corporations all lit up as we ran. I also loved being able to see Comerica Park which is home to the Detroit Tigers and also Ford Field which is home to the Detroit Lions and then finally we could see the Joe Louis Arena, home to the Detroit Red Wings.

Mile 7 was when we headed back to US Soil, but to get there we had to run in a tunnel that is literally under water. It was very cool and very freaky at the same time! Half way through the tunnel, we crossed into the US again. I will say that it was very tight in there and hot! When we got outside, it was such a huge difference in temperature and also a major relief at the same time.

Miles 8-9 we saw Brandon and I couldn't look at him all that much because I was afraid I'd burst into tears. But I was REALLY happy to see him. We kept running and like clock work, my body started to hurt at 8.5. I'm not really sure what it is that makes me notice it, but I am determined to work on this trouble area. I think it may be "my wall." It makes it super easy for me to stop and walk more than I should as opposed to walking only through the water stations.

Miles 10-11 were spent in Corktown, which is Detroit's oldest neighborhood. I loved running through here because the houses were wonderfully restored and the history nerd in me could not get enough. I realized that I only had a 5k left to go! And at this point, I got an adrenaline rush from the fact that I had never ran further than 11 miles. I should note that when I walk, it's usually not very long at all, it just gives me some relief. I sometimes think that if I kept going, I wouldn't hurt as bad either because I have to use extra motion to propel myself to go again. This is also where I had to take a restroom break. I'm not talking numero uno either. By the way, runners are very open about their poop. It can change your whole running game, literally. We all know when we go and when we need to go before it could be a problem.


Mile 12-13.1 I wanted so badly to not stop until the race was over, but again I was sore. I am wondering if I didn't hydrate enough the day before. I will say that my hips and knees weren't as sore as they usually were, but they were still pretty bad. I felt bad because I held up beg, but she didn't seem to mind me slowing up. (Side note: when you run for long periods of time, it's very normal to be sore. I have runner's knee which is a common side effect of long distance running.)

We stopped at one last water station before we rounded the corner where the marathoners split from us. When we rounded the corner where the marathoners split from us, I could see the finish line.

It was time to finish the race.

I hit the magical adrenaline rush, cranked it into high gear and Gangnam Style came onto my iPod.

The last 1/4 of a mile I was sprinting.

beg grabbed my hand and we crossed the finish line like bosses.

It was and is one of the proudest moments of my life.

It was a great first half-marathon with lots of cool milestones along the way for me and I'll never forget it for as long as I live. 

Post-Race: I had a banana and water. I think that I ate the banana just a little too quickly and I chugged the water a little more than I should because I got a little nauseous. It passed quickly and I was ready to take a shower asap. On the way back to the car, Brandon asked me if I was ready to train for the full, and I gave him this look.

This is my first half-marathon time. Key word "first" which means there will be more and also you may infer that I intend to break this record.

I had a great day and I finished. Those were my goals for the day and I met both of them.

I proved to myself that, in fact, "I can do all things [ including run a half-marathon] through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

The Thank You Section:
  • Thank you beg for running with me today. This race would not have been complete without you. 
  • And thank you to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me along the way. I could not have done this without you. My love language is words and so your comments, tweets, and texts speak directly to my heart.
  • To Jessi and Jessika, I love you girls with all my heart. You're the ultimate cheerleaders and next time, you're running with me. 
  • Brandon, I love you. You have saw me and loved me always, even at my heaviest. You have shown me what true love is supposed to look like and I am so blessed to call you my beloved husband. 
  • Finally, to my Lord Jesus Christ, you were with me every step of the way urging me forward and giving me strength when I thought I had none. Thank you and I love you.
 Happy Sunday y'all!


Julie Rogers said...

Congratulations---that's amazing! And I hope your legs are moving tomorrow;)


Brittany Ann said...

YEAH!!!! You did it! I've been super out of the loop, and I'm so glad this is the first post I got to when I get back! You are so freaking awesome! How are you feeling?

Susannah said...

I am so proud of you!! You went from not a runner to running a half!! Dang! And I'm glad K did it with you! Did you feel like poo after?

JMS said...

Amazing!! I am inspired!

AndreaLeigh said...

so proud of you, girl! you are such an inspiration.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

girl i am so, so, SO impressed by you!!! and kind of in awe too!!!!!!! way to go woman!!! you did it!!!!!!!!

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