Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday is "First Day of School" Day.

Per the Urban Dictionary...

First Day of School: Argueably the most anxiety producing day of school. It marks the end of your Summer vacation and the beginning of a long nine months back in the system. You have to readjust your sleeping habits from sleeping in to getting up at the crack of dawn. Not that you'll get to sleep early, you'll spend most of the night anxiously pondering the awaiting day. All in all, it's not that bad. You get to catch up with friends you haven't seen over the Summer and there's hardly any work on the first day.

Yesterday was my LAST first day of school. I really won't graduate until December 2013, but my last semester will be spent entirely in a courtroom. And yes, I still have two semesters after this, but really who celebrates going back to school in the winter or summer? NO ONE!

So I picked out a really cute outfit for the day the night before as per usual tradition. I didn't have trouble sleeping for once because over break, I really made an effort to get to sleep at a reasonable hour because of my running schedule. That was a big first for me. It also helped that I didn't have class until later that afternoon.

I got dressed for the day, watched The View a little bit. Half-way through getting dressed it hit me that yesterday was my last first day of school.

Let me say that one more LAST first day of school.

Holy smokes Batman!  I can't believe that I'm at this point.

I remember what I wore for my first day of kindergarten. I wore a neon orange peplum dress with white hearts all over it. I wore white sandals and I'm pretty sure my hair was either in two pig tail braids or two pig tail curls. What can I say? I was stylin' in 1990. My dad took the picture. He took pictures of all our first days of school every year. It's a tradition that goes on to this day with Loren and Will. 

So I did what was natural to me. I took a picture of my first day and sent it to my dad. He responded with a "Kool. Have a good day sister. Love you."

And I did.

Happy Wednesday!


Laura said...

You look incredible!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...


The Macons said...

You look GREAT! Happy last 1st day of school!

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