Monday, September 10, 2012

28 Wishes.

Last night I stayed up late thinking about my life this past year.

I also thought about what I wished for this year on my birthday.

In no particular order...

  1. I wish for more good hair days than bad.
  2. I wish for my husband to have continued success.
  3. I wish for a fabulous Fall, a hard winter, an early spring, and one great summer. 
  4. I wish for world peace.
  5. I wish for good times in my last year of academia. 
  6. I wish for caramel apple ciders from STarbucks to be zero points.
  7. I wish for the last 39 pounds to get lost. 
  8. I wish for a Speedway Special (<--Best Burger in the World).
  9. I wish for a boyfriend for my sister Jessi. 
  10. I wish for my sister Loren to land her full.
  11. I wish for my brother Will to kick butt this year in baseball.
  12. I wish for a great football season for my Sooners. 
  13. I wish for a great race day.
  14. I wish for good health for my parents and Brandon's parents.
  15. I wish for all things to go smoothly in the transitions to come.
  16. I wish for the laundry to be completely done at least 2 times this year. 
  17. I wish for a new Camaro upon graduation. 
  18. I wish for a White Christmas.
  19. I wish for discernment on what our next move will be.
  20. I wish for peace, love, and happiness.
  21. I wish for a great margarita.
  22. I wish for a Burrito Grande from my favorite Mexican restaurant.
  23. I wish for great films to actually be nominated by the Academy.
  24. I wish for clear skin.
  25. I wish for good tunes.
  26. I wish for my relationship with Brandon to grow.
  27. I wish for a dark chocolate brownie with dark chocolate icing.
  28. I wish for a Boxer puppy.
I'm not technically blowing my wishes because I'm not saying them out loud. So don't worry superstitious readers. 

Rock on and Happy Birthday to me and Boomer Sooner!


The Pink Growl said...

Happy birthday lady!! You've had a great year so hopefully you're next will be even better! I might steal this wishes idea on the 18th for my birthday. :)

LWLH said...

I hope you get all your wishes!!!
Happy Birthday Beautiful!!

JMS said...

Happy Birthday! Sept is the best for Birthdays (in my opinion). I love that your wishes go from World Peace, to Camero, to Boxer ;-)

Not So Newlyweds said...

Happy birthday! Hoping all of your wishes come true!

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