Friday, August 31, 2012

When your sister won't answer her text messages, there is always Instagram.

Last Friday, I had enough of staring at the walls inside of my apartment and I needed to get out. So because I had a 25% off code and $10 in rewards, I hit up Old Navy.

I took my husband.


I love the man, but once he finds what he wants, he's ready to go. Plus, when I ask an opinion about different clothes I'm trying on, he doesn't really have a definitive opinion. 

And listen, I don't want y'all taking away that I'm bashing my husband on The Twitter or my blog. I'm glad that he isn't super into style. We still are best friends, but being straight with me about clothes is something best left for my sister to do.

The problem was my sister wasn't paying attention to her phone. So, I used the powers that be: Instagram/The Twitter. Y'all seriously helped a girl out!

NOTE: Please don't judge the doo-rag/sports bras peaking out. I had been running & took a shower before we went, I promise.

Option #1 - I'm going back for this one!

Option #2

Option #3 - THE WINNER

I also decided that I'm going to get this dress for Game Day from Shop Dandy!

After the 25% off and my $10 in rewards, I got Option #3 for 12-13 bucks giver or take taxes. Pretty stinkin' good deal if you ask me.

So thanks to The Twitter and Instagram for saving the day!

Happy Friday!! 

P.S. Who else is excited as I am for tomorrow?!? Boomer Sooner!!!

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