Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday is "Erin Condren Planner" Day.

Erin Condren Planner: the planner that took the blogosphere and The Twitter by storm last summer

I'm no stranger to the Erin Condren Planner. I bought one last year.

I know that lots of people swear by this planner.

And I do too, but I swear by it as a student.

So many reviews have been done by moms, but I've not seen many done by students or in my case grad students. I want to put out there that I was not asked to do this nor am I being paid to do it. I just wanted to give my opinion on the matter.

I wanted something bright and happy so I went with the Instagram Life Planner option. I love how it turned out!

It is much smaller than my first one because it has less months and also they got rid of the extra pages in between the months. I actually like the pages that went with the months. See below for the why!

They kept the weeks flowing even if it was the start of a new month! I don't know if people talk about this a lot, but I like how they break the day into morning, day, and night. If students are like me at all, sometimes my day can be planned from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. This planner is perfect for that!

For me,  inspirational quotes can be uplifting and important during the long haul of school
and Erin Condren does this very well!

I love this Vote! sticker! It's fun and so are the other stickers in the back. They have sticker options for just about every event.

I love the extra stickers they include for birthday gifts. I'm creative, but sometimes it's easy to just throw one of these stickers on the present for an extra pop!

Things I love:
  • the new sticker options
  • the laminated tabs
  • the continuous flow of months
  • the way the days are split up into morning, day, and night.
Things I wish had stayed the same:
  • the page that went with the monthly calendar because I used it as a Bills Check List, school to do check list for the month, and a place to jot down the books I wanted to read when I was on break. I will say there is a spot in the back that can still work for this area.
  • the plethora of blank stickers in the back because I used them to mark when my classes are each week. It is a good thing I ordered the extra set.
  • the game stickers being pink. I am a Sooner so orange game stickers aren't a good option because Sooners don't wear orange. If I had known, I would have personalized those stickers to be the pretty red option they have.
Overall, I think that this planner is still really great. As a student, I love what it has to offer.

What do you love about the Erin Condren Planner?

Happy Wednesday!


AndreaLeigh said...

I like my EC planner but I really don't think I am utilizing it as much as I could be.

angsamp said...

I have been using my Life Planner for a year now but decided that it's just too big for me. The new ones do look better, but they are awkward to pull out while I"m in court or meetings, etc. I just decided to order a May Book and am hoping it's not too small!

Kara said...

I think that the EC planners are so cute, but they just won't work for my business purposes. Which stinks, because I don't use an electronic calendar like most people in this century do. It's still a paper calendar for me, but I need more space and time breakdowns.

the team said...

thanks for the great review1 thrilled that you love your planner! enjoy!

LWLH said...

I need to get a new one but I'm going to wait and order a Jan./Dec 2013.

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