Friday, August 10, 2012

To my First Partner in Crime on Her "Classic Status" Birthday.


I don't remember the very first time that I met you. (I kinda wish Mom had a blog for us to look at and read about this special moments in our lives.) But I do remember that some of my very first memories include you being a part of my life.

We shared popsicles, watching the Wizard of Oz over and over, baby dolls, playing store or school, purses, oldies in the car with dad, dance lessons, and a room when we were little.

When we were older, we shared learning to ride bikes, Pappaw passing away, softball, becoming big sisters to Loren and Will, road trips to Vegas, car shows, and our first plane trip across country alone.

When we were teenagers, we shared fights, a cell phone, learning who our real friends were, my first break-up,youth events, car rides, music, parking on the "cool side" at Sonic no matter what because I was driving, first days of junior high and high school, watching Loren and Will graduate kindergarten, and thinking that people who were 25 and 28 were OLD.

When I left for college we shared missing each other, a new found friendship, life advice, dreams, your first car, love of Sooner football, staying up late, blaring music with the windows down, summer camp, and me meeting Brandon.

When you left for college, we shared a dorm room, Grey's Anatomy, Spider Solitaire, walks across campus, The Mont, wedding plans, Texadelphia, slipping and falling on ice, football games, a tighter friendship,and a sisterhood literally and in sorority.

When I graduated college, we shared you figuring out what I already knew: you were brave and smart, a dorm again when Brandon and I visited, our rocking out in the car embarrassing Loren and Will and us not caring, shenanigans at The Mont, me complaining about being a grunt, more Texadelphia, Speedway Specials, you being an officer like me, visits at your apartment with Jess and Carrie, and my wedding to B.

When I left for law school, we shared your graduation and being alumni of THE University of Oklahoma, figuring out how to live life in our hometown again, Grannie passing away, teaching Loren the birds and the bees, encouraging Will to play football, and missing each other terribly.

THIS YEAR, we've shared losing weight together, encouraging one another on our worst days, missing each other, finding a love for running again, and missing each other's birthdays because we live a thousand miles apart from one another.

The point to all of this is that we've shared YOUR whole life together. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for it.

We have so much life still to share and I hope that you're ALWAYS  a part of it, including when we were old at the retirement center in Florida or Arizona together.

I love you so much my first little sister.

Happy Birthday....and rock on.



LWLH said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jessika said...

with my lump in my throat kinda voice, Happy Birthday Jess! (sniff, sniff)

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