Thursday, August 30, 2012

The debate rages on about the other four letter word.

 Today I'm writing about the four letter word. No, not THAT four letter word. I don't say that word.

People, I'm talking about the word: DIET.

Way back in April, I wrote this post about being the fat girl and how it's hard for me to relate to the natural skinny girl. It still is at times. But now that I'm getting closer to my goal weight, people have started to take notice that what I've been doing all these months is starting to pay off.

Don't get me wrong, I still struggle. I still love a good cheeseburger and some good Mexican. There is no probably about it, I know I always will love those foods. The problem is that now I know how much they hurt my long term goal.

It's why I don't have them very often and when I do I can't really finish the meal. I don't say this to brag, because when I push myself to finish the meal, I'm dying at the table and by the time we're half-way home, I am dying for a bathroom. It ain't pretty. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my body has gotten used to my "lifestyle change."

And yes, I am purposely calling it that. One of the best things my trainer has pounded into my stubborn head taught me is to change my mindset. 89 pounds is a lot to lose. I don't know what kids weigh these days, but I'm guessing that's the size of an Olympic gymnast.

I know it sounds very dramatic to use them, but those two words sound way better than the word diet. I could be wrong, but I have a theory that when the naturally skinny girl needs to lose those pesky ten pounds, she has a harder time than us fat girls because she views it in terms of a short term thing. Whereas, the fat girls have to go through a long term process and if they're anything like me, the road has been long and hard, filled with speedbumps, tears, and several re-starts. I also think it's harder for the naturally skinny girl and us fat girls too because of what society tells us is acceptable. And when society gives their speech, it usually involves the dirty word.

I can't live or eat the way I was any longer. It's that simple. One of my pals from school put it like this, "What you eat now will determine what kind of body you will have in your 30s and 40s and so on and so forth. It will also determine what kind of health problems you will have and how your body will be able to cope with them."

If that isn't straight forward I don't know what is.

So the four letter word can't be part of my vocabulary. Period. Much like the word "divorce" is not used in our house unless we're referring to someone else. "Diet" is no longer part of mine. I can't entertain the notion. It simply is not an option.

And I guess what I was trying to say in the long-winded side note above is that what I'm doing involves no quick fix and it's hard. It's a change and a battle for my entire life. I eat lots of veggies, fruits, lean meats, and good carbs. I also include some exercise. I'm a wannabe runner. I also still eat the occasional cheeseburger and miss a workout here and there. I'm not perfect at this process. I had a stall-out this summer like you wouldn't believe because I was busy going out with friends because we're all set to part ways soon enough.

But I get up, dust myself off and go at it again. What I'm doing requires a lot of work and self-examination. I have had to look long and hard at why my eating habits are the way they are and then look some more. Figuring out how I got to the weight I was includes, for me, getting rid of that four letter word.

So I guess what I'm ultimately trying to say is if you ask me "what I'm doing", don't expect a short answer.

And also, I hate the word "diet." HATE. IT. 

Happy Thursday.



Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I totally get this! I kind of sort of hated "lifestyle change" at first. Sounded so cheesy and cliche. But for me it has been SO true. A diet is something you do temporarily and I didn't want a temporary fix. I wanted to make a permanent change which meant I needed to make the conscious effort to change my lifestyle.

Sure I go off course sometimes, but like you said, now when I eat like I used to I feel like crap. I'm tired and bloated and wonder how I ever used to be able to eat like that all.the.time.

So here's to kicking diets to the curb and making big changes!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I used to roll my eyes when people said "lifestyle change" (when I was fat! ha)...and the truth is..ummm, it IS THAT. I felt like an idiot when I realized it.

And I'm now laughing at what Emily above said b/c her and I have many a chats about this kind of thing :)

LWLH said...

I'm in need of that lifestyle change.
I really just need to stop making excuses and get to it.

I'm so proud of you.

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