Monday, August 20, 2012

On Running.

The following are ten things that I've learned about running in my short career.

  1. Eating like crap before a run = Having a crappy run.
  2. Eating healthy before a run = Feeling like a rock-star during your run
  3. Supposedly, there are two kinds of sweaters, salty sweaters and sweaty sweaters. Then there is a rare third breed that is a combo of both. Guess which category I am?
  4. I am a morning runner. I need to accept this fate and quit resisting it. It's like my body doesn't think about it as much in the morning as it does in the evenings.
  5. If I'm not wearing a bandana/doo-rag, then my run is completely off. 
  6. Stopping to get a drink of water does not mean I'm a weanie. I'm still lapping all the couch potatoes.
  7. Good tunes are a must. My current fav? "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees. 
  8. No matter how many times I see a passive aggressive status on Facebook about people who post about their work-ruts/runs that say how annoying people like me are and how I  shouldn't post it, I will still keep on posting my runs. Part of my journey along the way became encouraging others to get active. If one person does it, then that's the whole point. Plus the "cheers" from Nike are really cool too. 
  9. Lotion is a must after my post-run shower. Otherwise, my skin looks like it's about to crack.
  10. Running is such a good stress reliever for me. 
Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I hattttteeeee the passive aggressive crap about the runs. I am ALL ABOUT IT! You go lady. Post away. I'll be back to that soon enough!

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