Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday is "Irregular" Day.

Irregular: lacking continuity or regularity of occurence

It's time.

I'm no longer concerned about making sure I have a post written every single Wednesday.

So if you get an educational post on Wednesday, consider it a treat.

Happy Wednesday y'all.


That's what I originally had written. I wrote that post on Monday. I thought I was fine with it and then I went for a run this morning. While on that run, I got to thinking about how educational Wednesday's have been a part of my blog since the beginning.

It's a constant around here. I like consistency. I like tradition. What can I say? I'm an emotional sap. I admit it.

So I'm not quite ready to let go of it just yet.

PLUS, I think part of me was giving it up because I got a little too big for my blogging britches. I can admit it. I'm not proud of it. But shit happens sometimes. (Sorry Mom!)

I especially can't get rid of it when I think I'm above it. That's not how it works around here. I don't do "above it" or "holier than thou" people.

I also can't get rid of it because it's not popular. This blog has never been about doing the latest thing. Hell, I just did my first giveaways last month! (Sorry again mom!)

Educational Wednesday is here to say.

And now that I've written a post about blogging-and cussed TWICE! Sorry mom!- I'll shut up before I go on a tirade about how I don't like those either.



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