Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Q&A with my seestur, Jessi.

1. What is your secret? What have you been doing to lose the weight?

 I am not sure I really have a secret, but I know could not keep doing what I was doing. I have never been small. I was always bigger than my friends and I couldn't grasp how they could eat anytime and whatever they wanted and I thought I could tot. Obviously, that wasn't the case.

Gosh, I have done lots of things to help lose weight. One thing I did do that most people don't like doing was seeing someone who specializes in it. I go to a dietician. This was a hard decision for me because I had seen one when I was younger and felt humiliated, but I knew I wanted someone who this was their cup of tea. He has taught me a lot and taught me fully how to read and understand labels, know good fats from bad. But here is the thing he can't control what goes in my mouth. 

So that's where lots of self control and withdrawals come in,  and time just pouting because I can't just put whatever in my mouth I want. 

Several huge things I have done was cut the junk food, cut fried food (which I live in the South so it's everywhere. I laid off pop and if I had it I had diet. I am firm believer that aspartame is bad BAD and I will tell you it is to your face. But if for some reason I think just need some source of caffeine I will drink it on rare occasion but usually do tea for caffeine.

If I can tell you to do anything, that would be to DRINK WATER like its going out of style!! I have heard people say they hate water and I don't understand that. In the summer here in OK I can't get enough with the heat. The thing with water is it makes you feel full, so when I have the urge for a snack I grab my big container of water and just drink away. One day I drank 100oz without realizing it, but gosh my bladder knew. 

 I do exercise which yes had been big factor but not huge because I walk a lot at work and never sit. For me the bigger changes have come from my food choices. Until recently I hadn't been doing any extra exercise outside of work, but now do couch to 5 K program.

2.  What's your motivation? 

THE MIRROR! I looked in it and saw something I couldn't believe I let happen. 

But if I have to narrow it down, there are three things that motivate me.

First, my sister. We said this year was the year we get fit and that what we are doing! I kinda had a head start on her because I started November 6th. There are days we text and one is in a slump and the other is like get your butt up and do something or ask what is for lunch. We keep each other in check, but if anything we encourage each other we send "hot mess" pics to each other to show how yucky we got after a good workout. It's funny and it makes you want to keep going! The rest of my fam encourages me as well! It goes a long way to have them, because they see you everyday and see you in good and bad days. My Dad will ask me how much I lost and at first I didn't know how to respond but he never fails to ask every month and tell me to keep going because every little pound or ounce counts! He knows it's something that has bothered me and something I have struggled with for awhile as well as rest of fam. He also tells me how good I look on different occasions and it's makes my heart happy! My sister and I are super blessed to have a daddy and momma like we do.

Second is my close friends! They may not be in the same town but gosh there is not a week goes by that they ask how I am doing or tell me they are going to work out at 5 (crazy Carrie!!!) I am still dead to the world then. They text or call to say hey but throw in that they are proud of me and continue on talking and I am still stuck on what they said because its new to me, so it often stops me in my tracks and don't know how to respond. 

Last, but most importantly has been God! Gosh without him I not sure where I be. He has seen me at my worst and knows when I sneak a cookie or two I don't need. He knows when I have had tears roll down my face because I looked at myself and wonder, "Has any guy ever looked my way?" He knows I have asked him to NOT let me die a nun! He reminds me that there is more to life than looks and it's about inner beauty too! He is there when I feel like I can't make my legs run any farther! He's been there for me more than just this journey I started in November. He has his arms around me at all times! 

Okay. Okay. I know said three but this is something else. My degree is hugely health based and I had hard time thinking how could I ever help people with struggles when I don't even take care of myself.

3. Why now?

Well like I said before Sam and I said this is the year we get fit and take care of us and of business! So we are doing just that! I also will say moving home has been hard on me in the department of being lonely! I lost 30 lbs my senior yr of college with working out and eat properly with Carrie  (bless her for doing it with me!) If I could FaceTime/workout with her at same time and not throw up I would as well as Sam and so many others! But I say that to say that being home was and still is rough because I don't have close friends here and I feel like I am in kindegarten making new one all over! So I did whole lot of nothing and and ate how I felt which is bad! I gained weight I lost back and more.

It was brutal to say the least so I had to do something and I knew it was going to take time to get it done! I remember stepping in the scale for the first time  and wanted to quit and sit down and cry. But that when I heard the good angel on my left say "Jess this is why you are here and we gonna get through this." So I strapped on my big girl panties and said "Let's do this!" I am only person who knows what the scale read and will remain the only one to know till I am ready to let it out. Mostly because the number I saw made me want to puke and yet that's what keeps me going today.

 4. What are some of your goals? 

Honestly I tossed around what my ultimate goal weight around, but that's never been a big goal for me. I did have a first goal of losing 50lbs and I have done that. But my biggest goal was and is to just keep going and never look back. Yeah as cheesy as it maybe that is my goal because there are days I want to throw towel in and be done. BUT I am not ready to give up or stop yet and so I just keep going! 

5. What do you notice is different about your body?

JOINTS! Like I said before at work I am on my feet all the time so by the end of the day. My knees and ankles were throbbing, but now they don't! It feels amazing to feel like I could go all day long! From sun up till sun down. 

Me and our baby sister, Loren.

I can feel and see bones without having to do some maneuver to do so. I don't have cankles anymore. I can see my clavicle bone, veins, my hands are more defined. 

Now you can laugh at me for this but  I have always had boobs from as long as it was time for them to come in. I been used to being "blessed" in that department. When I start losing weight anytime, the first place I lose is always my boobs.  I'm down two whole cup sizes!

It's amazing to not walk or turn around and boobs get in the way!!

 So it's definite plus I just didn't want to lose so much by boobs would hang low as Ethionpian women's do. Call me dork I don't care! I just didn't want to be able to tie them in a knot as the song goes! 

Oh and my stomach does not stick out farther than my boobs now.

6. How much have you lost total currently?

57.5, but I haven't stepped on a scale in weeks!

7. What you doing differently from your sister? What are you doing the same?

Different-  Our foot intake is the difference. I've limited my portions. Sam is using Weight Watchers.
Same-  We're both running.

Edited to Add: This question will receive a more in-depth response next week. But for now this is a "long story short" version.

Got any other questions? Lay them on me! Happy Thursday!


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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

As someone who has lost weight successfully with her sister doing it by her side---it is basically like setting up a built in success program. So happy for you both! It feels so so so so good and I can't wait to be fit again after I get this kid out of me ;)

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