Friday, May 4, 2012

Losing Weight isn't always kicking butt and taking names.

When I started this journey, I was determined to:
  • Eat Right.
  • Remembering Moderation is Key.
  • Workout Five Times a Week.
  • Work on Self Discipline.
And I still am determined to do those things.


The newness of this chapter of my life has worn off. BIG. TIME.

A few weeks ago, I wondered whether or not having a food addiction was a real thing like having an alcohol addiction or a drug addiction. I still am wondering about it. As of right now, I kind of think it is, especially considering the way I'm craving a Sonic cheeseburger, Cheez-Its, Red Velvet Cheesecake, and cheese fries dipped in ranch like my life depended on it. I haven't had those foods in MONTHS by the way...just in case you were wondering.

My motivation was and is hanging by a thread.

And THEN...

I read this post

My eyes watered immediately when I read it, because I so so so identified with this feeling.

Weight loss is not glamorous. Not one bit.

I knew this because I'd did it during college.

You would have thought I was prepared for it.

But I wasn't.

Weight Loss is a friggin' marathon. I relate it to law school because that's what they've hammered into us from day one.

It's hard. Some days there are rewards, like when you lose weight, or someone gives you a compliment on how well you look. But most days, it's a challenge.

Right now, even though I'm eating healthy and running outside again since the weather is nice, I really don't want to do it.

I've got to make my peace with the fact that right now, this losing weight journey thing is going to suck for a little while.

I know one thing will pay off. Of that I am sure.

So far I've lost 31 pounds and it hasn't been for nought. 

Happy Friday y'all!


Buckeye Couple said...

I can completely relate. I like to see results fast and easily fall off when I don't. But it will be worth it in the end. Congrats on your loss so far! That's awesome!!

LWLH said...

Your doing awesome girl, so proud of you.

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