Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday is "Mumbling" Day.

Mumbling: A low indistinct sound or utterance

By the time you read this, I will probably have a twitching eye, no recollection of my last shower and my ability to make a full sentence unless it's regarding the law will be gone.

In other words, I am a hot mess and it is not pretty. I am sure of it.

So in keeping with the theme of my state of mind, I shall mumble on this Wednesday.
  •  I have been on a country music kick recently, specifically the beachy, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney kind. If you know me, this is equally surprising and yet totally predictable. 
  • I had my first "break meal" last week. I felt gross within 30 minutes and wished I could go run that nastiness out of my body. Amazing how gross processed foods makes you feel so dang sick. On this note, do any of y'all think we're addicted to bad food? Is it possible to be a food addict like it is to be a drug or alcohol addict? I've been really thinking about this a lot recently. 
  •  Red is my color of confidence. What is yours? Also, ten cool points if you know the movie reference.
  • I am hoping I can hit up some Michigan Baseball and Softball over the break. Wish my sister and Carrie were here to go with me. 
  • I am going to try to get off caffeine completely after finals....well maybe. I really like iced tea. 
  • Blogger switched me over to the new look and at first I hated it. Now I kinda like it. Figures.
  • So my computer screen went out. Sony told us it should take up to 5-7 business days EXCEPT this part is on back-order. I think this is bad business on their part. They should have just done a recall, instead they're trying to make money off the people who don't have a warranty like I do. Thankfully, I have my husband's computer as a backup.
  • I lost 2.2 pounds this week. This just proves that emotional eating can be avoided. Is this a form of self-discipline?
  • Speaking of avoiding the bad foods...I need to do a blog post on my attitude towards weight loss and those who have an easier time losing it or no real need of losing weight. I have mixed feelings on the matter. I know that everything is relative, but I still want to blog about it so I stay true to the process. 
  • I kinda sorta read Kelle Hampton's book on my study breaks this past weekend. It was a quick and excellent read. 
Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

LWLH said...

I haven't eaten McDonalds in forever and I feel so much better cutting that kind of fast food out. I may have Subway or Taco Bell, occasionally but my body feels much better cutting that crap out.

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