Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday is "Precedence" Day.

Precedence: priority, first concern

Last month, I wrote about my resolutions for the year. And so far? I've done well with working on getting skinny-ish (I'm done 9 pounds say what!) and I've done well on writing what I want.

And since I'm feeling tangent-y (not a word, but just go with it okay!) I want to point out that some of you may have noticed that I'm not the sweetest or my usual self during January. I really do struggle with the SAD and since I think constantly about what my kids will see when they read this thing someday. I just want them to know that mommy was human too! While no one has had a normal winter this year, I still have struggled with what we've had. If I had this resolution to be real last year, it would have been far worse, I promise you. Last winter was a struggle.

And a tangent to a tangent, writing what I want doesn't mean I lambast my family members that make me crazy because they can't read my blog. That's not who I am and never will be. I have that kind of family trust me, I just think it tacky and classless to give one side of the story to a biased audience.

Now where was I? Oh yes...resolutions. The one I've sucked on the most? Communicating with my family.

Since starting this post I've talked to both of my parents today. But I haven't done that as often as I would have liked to so far this year.

Another part of my family that I've neglected? My Heavenly Father.

We made it to church for the first time in 2012 just this past Sunday.

There was maybe one weekend where we might have had somewhat of an excuse that I would consider acceptable for not going.

So I consider it absolutely pathetic that we just now made it to church.

I plan to do something about it too.

How is your progress going on your resolutions? What do you need to change or tweak?

Happy Wednesday.


Susannah said...

Girl don't be too hard on yourself-it looks like you're making some good headway on your resolutions. Great job on the weight loss!

Gina said...

Nine pounds! Hollaaaaa!

Mrs. Potts said...

I need to make a bigger effort to speak with my dad regularly. I just don't & I know I should.

Great job on the 9lbs!!

Lil' Woman said...

Great job on the weight loss girl...I'm struggling with my resolutions...I need to get my butt up and in gear.

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