Friday, February 17, 2012

Planning for the Lent season that approacheth...

I am Southern Baptist. So realistically, I don't have to do Lent because my denomination doesn't practice it.

However, since I was a teenager I've tried to give up something each year.

This year I'm going to give up my cheat meals. (I let myself cheat on two meals a week.)

I'm sure some of you might think this superficial of me, however, I am trying to take care of my body. I am, according to any physician, obese for my size. I don't want that to sound like I have low self-esteem or I'm down on myself because I'm not. I'm just being real about my situation.

In a few years we'll be heading down the baby road. I know I don't talk about that a lot on here and there's a reason for it.

My first dream of becoming an attorney is being realized currently.

Before this dream came to fruition, I got married first which was another dream of mine.

I didn't have dreams about being a mom until I met and fell in love with Brandon. I just didn't. I honestly didn't know if I wanted kids or not. Obviously that's changed for me. I definitely want children and I want Brandon to be my baby daddy. So my dreams began to change. We began to have dreams for what we wanted our lives to look like together.

Because of what we'd like our children to have some day, we have chosen to get our education out of the way first. So I don't really entertain this conversation all that often because I want to remain focused.

I know that everyone always says, "If you want to hear God laugh, then tell him your plans."

(I almost am afraid to hit publish on this post because then all of my feelings and thoughts will be somewhere other than my brain and this will be real.)

Because now that we're getting close to the end of my educational career, this next part of our dreams--the baby making dreams--will be up to bat.

People always have such a hard time getting pregnant these days and I don't want my weight to be one more thing to hold us back from having babies.

To help this process along, I'm going to be strict about counting my calories and working out for the next 40 days.

It's going to be hard because during this 40 days I'll be at the end of another semester and I am a classic stress-eater.

I think it is an honorable sacrifice for the future of our family. If you don't, then please do me a favor and don't rain on my parade.

Happy Friday!


brown eyed girl said...

I like this idea A LOT as a Lenten sacrifice. A LOT.

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

I think this is a great idea. It will really help your discipline, and develop healthy habits to keep going even after lent. And I bet your weight loss progress will really ramp up, too. Proud of you!!!


Lil' Woman said...

I'm trying to do the same thing girl. After hearing about so much infertility on the blogs, I am trying to take a healthy approach before we start trying and I myself want to quit smoking and lose some weight.

Gina said...

LOVE this idea! I'm giving up candy. Haven't given up anything for Lent in years and years

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