Monday, February 6, 2012

Life above the Mason-Dixon Line...

This is an intro of sorts for all the new readers out there! (Hey y'all by the way! I'm so glad you're here.)

This is also an update for the old readers too because it's about our life in Michigan.

The short back story is that we're here because I'm currently a law student up here. We, however, are from Oklahoma aka BELOW the Mason-Dixon Line.

When we moved here SEVENTEEN MONTHS AGO I said that I'd keep y'all updated on what life is like up here for us as outsiders. I did a few posts and then that was kinda it.

I'm fairly certain I've mentioned it more than that, but not devoted a whole post to it recently.

The Pros about Michigan:
  • Our Church Family-I cannot say this enough and I'll say it for the rest of my life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our church. Part of the main focus of the church is the growth of the members of the church and let me tell you, people are always coming in because of this. Plus, one of the hugest testaments the church has about how faithful God is, is through the people of the church. Seriously, I love our church and I will miss it greatly when we go back to Oklahoma. 
  • Our Friends-Before Brandon and I came to Michigan, one of our prayers was that we would meet good friends while here. God came through big time on this prayer. He has blessed us with so many wonderful people not only from church but from school as well. 
  • Beautiful Spring and Summer-I am a huge fan of the warm months of the year specifically May to September because of all the sunshine! In Oklahoma, we're used to hot weather with lots of humidity. This was not necessarily something we experienced this past summer. It was so wonderful that the grass remained green all summer long. The average temperature was mid-80s, so even if I was running in that last summer, it wasn't awful. Plus it is absolutely beautiful to watch.
The Cons about Michigan:
  • Traffic-Everyone here drives like it is a green at Nascar day. I'm not saying I can't hang with the best of them as far as speed is concerned...I am not sure what book driver students learned from, but I don't think it was anything that was issued by the state. Because if it was, they would follow the rules of the road. They cut people off like it's their job. Seriously. I will not miss this part.
  • Lack of Common Courtesy-Southern Hospitality is a very real thing and it is confirmed to me every time we interact with people in stores. No one holds doors. People hardly say "please," "thank you," "yes/no ma'am/sir," or "pardon/excuse me" and it really irritates the crap out of me. When someone does, I am taken off guard because it really is that rare.
  • Sonic is 40 minutes away-This is technically a con and a pro. I miss Sonic a ton. It's a treat if we get to go over there. At the same time, it's a really good thing because, it would be a serious power struggle if there was one close by for my diet.
 To end on a positive note, we really do love it here and in fact, the winter is very cold and they usually get a lot of snow, but we love it. Seriously, if family was closer, we'd probably stay.

Happy Monday!


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Cassandra Johnson said...

Oh, girl, I lived in Indiana for a few months & I HATED it! 1) the weather was awful - read, cold! and 2) people were just plain rude. I was so glad to be back below the Mason Dixon line!

At least you've got some good out of being above the MD line! :)) Happy (?) Monday!

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