Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just keep swimming.

These are things I think are cool. I also am on the hunt for a few things too.
  • Have you seen this video? Dude is a former Sooner.
  • Pais was in her usual state of nap coma when this came on TV. She immediately did a search of the house because she couldn't figure out where all those dogs were. 
  • I'd like to find some shirts that cover my booty so I can wear leggings without wearing a baggy t-shirt and a hoodie and going for the "workout" look. I do that enough as is. They need to be reasonably priced because I am cheap and I am working out and planning on being out of these clothes soon.
  • This is my last plug I swear. Not that it's been effective...but please post a vlog about your hair. I'd totally appreciate it. The link is here.
  • Also, this is not related, but I was struggling with working out today. Once I got started I was fine. My point? I'm sure there are people who are trying to make a change in their life right now that could use a little extra encouragement every once in awhile. (This is not a shameless attempt for y'all to encourage me. I'm serious. Encourage people you know because Lord knows the awful attitudes on Biggest Loser are not helping things right now.)
  • Puxtatawney Phil did whatever it takes for us to have six more weeks of winter. I am seriously hoping that it includes the sunshine we've been experiencing lately. 
Hope this finds y'all well. Since I didn't wish it yesterday, I'm wishing it today. Happy February and Happy Groundhog Day!



Lil' Woman said...

Like what kind of winter are we going to have...this winter has been the wackiest winter ever.

Leslie @ Body Won't Break said...

I agree with the comment on The Biggest Loser. It's more depressing than anything.

And, shameless plug, feel free to check out my blog if you need some inspiration with exercise and weight loss. It's definitely not easy but it is worth it!

brown eyed girl said...

I get the same way with skinny girls complaining that they're fat. I get annoyed with my sister, who is 5'7 and barely 115 and never been overweight before saying she is fat. And sometimes I think that people get annoyed with me when I say I feel fat. Because I know I'm not, but I don't know it because I still feel a size 12. It's a very odd feeling but never intentioned to make others roll their eyes or feel insulted. I hope I never make you feel that way because it's not my intention.

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